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National 4/5 drama - Scotland

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Tigsy, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. For my scottish colleagues;
    I am writing a (rather woolly) description of the new curriculum.
    Having looked at the SQA website national 4 seems to me to be Intermediate 1 and Nat 5 seems to be Int 2.
    And both draft copies seem to read identically bar one or two words thrown in for good measure.
    In your opinion; would you run Nat 4 over S3 and S4?
    OR would you want to achieve nat 4 over the 3rd year and Nat 5 over the 4th year?
    OR is S3 drama just <u>any thing</u> we plan, as long as it goes towards the Nat 4 or 5 course in 4th year????
    I'm not so sure how this whole set up works whether S3/S4 are going to be joined together in terms of study or an individual years to study and gain a qualification. I'm beginning to think the latter?
    its all rather blahhh and arrrghhhh. Any opinion welcome but give me them soon??
    much obliged :)
  2. thanks Make it Mine thats really helpful :) And I only think they are similar to the intermediates cos the sqa website even mentions it as benchmarking 'against std grade or intermediate'
    so basically S3 drama work can be ANYTHING we choose to plan for them; the usual voice, movement, character etc ete etc culminating in presentation pieces and some themed workshops type thing??? (as thats roughly what I've hinted at and I believe my music colleagues have it planned the way you describe)
    Its just a description so that when the current S2 make their choices they can read my description of whats involved....
    thank you.
    and hello to you too Tom!
  3. Thanks, Makeitmine, that's what I *thought* it should read as, but feel shy about admitting to my ignorance (despite conversations at the SLF last September with Jim Drennan from SQA.)

    But is that what schools are planning?? - I'm on supply, and haven't got the feel of what's really being envisaged.

    And I do wonder if it would be too tempting to present N4s at the end of S3.

    There's also the Access 3 option to remember - will it be possible to teach alongside N4 & 5 in one group as we do at present (well the equivalent of...)?
  4. I think drama in S3 has to be taught in units ie Drama skills Unit still so that those who dont choose to do it in S4 can still come away with some sort of recognition.......its all a bit too fuzzy.
    But then its differentiating the S3 coursework I've supplied, to the S4 curriculum, unless I keep S3 to be like general/foundation and S4 is more general/credit and pray the students dont get bored should they continue to do drama in S4?? Theres nothing worse than hearing 'we've already done this Miss!'
    In S4 I'd have access 3 in the back of my mind for any student not acheiving a nat 4 fully.
    In my experience, I've taught the Intermediate course but eventually have told them the evidence the student is providing is leaning towards an Access 3 so its up to them to decide if they want to pull their socks up OR accept an access 3. I'd never offer it first hand, I dont think.....
    does that help? i fear I may have even confused myself further, ha!
  5. Students in S3 who don't pick Drama in the senior phase should have made the forth level (which isn't national 4 - confusing) and they will receive some sort of recognition that they have achieved the forth level at CfE.

    What we were doing in my previous school (i've now moved into lecturing) was that in our faculty (the expressive arts) Students in S3 would come for 4 periods a week and they would then pick a major and a minor subject so e.g. Major: DRAMA Minor: Music OR MAJOR: Art Minor: DRAMA. They would get 3 periods a week in their MAJOR subject and do something SIMILAR do NATIONAL 4 - so something based around the 3 units, and they would go to their MINOR subject for ONE period a week and only do ONE Topic throughout the year to hone their skills... that means that by S4 when they have to choose their subjects... they have had a taster of all three art subjects (Music, Drama and Art) from S1 - S2 and then began to specialise in S3.

    It's really hard to get your head round BUT I would advise... be adventurous - don't play it safe and push the students in whatever you do!
  6. P.s. ALL courses (bar NPA's and NCs), in theory, should be taught in one class: Access 3, National 4, National 5, Higher and AH. Access 3 and National 4 has no final exam.... National 5, Higher and AH do.
  7. yep getting dramas E&Os from fourth level makes absolute sense to me as well......
    you have helped to clear the mist somewhat but it would also depend on what my schools planning so I shall pen an email and clear it with the appropriate person.
    When did you start your lecturing career? thats fabby......well done on getting that position, hope you're enjoying it.
  8. oh thanks Tigsy! Started in Nov.... a bit crazy and completely different from secondary education... I have a wee cry tonight thinking.... i'll never teach Higher again! lol! (I was having a moment) But it's great... Directing and lecturing in Acting so it's all good!
  9. Thats brilliant and undoubtedly different to school - working with older students can be great fun. Despite my lack of experience in teaching Higher, I could have quite happily have taught Acting techniques to pupils over essay writing, any day.....am quite envious!
  10. I'm bumping this incase any other Scots want to add their tuppence.....
    I've been advised that S3 will be learning through Units..... as Nat 4 has two units Drama skills and Production skills, I wonder if I am to teach a similar, 'lighter' version in S3, to match the Es &Os of CfE???

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