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National 3 English

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by allandf, May 8, 2013.

  1. I am going to be teaching National 3 English from June. All the course materials make reference to pupils working from "simple texts", whether literary or non-literary. Trouble is, I can't think of any "real" texts to use that are as simple as the example website and heavily fillited newspaper srticle provided in "support materials". Does anyone have any suggestions of "real" texts I can use with S4 pupils at this level that do not appear to be Ladybird books?
  2. Try the Barrington Stoke books
  3. I have been using 'Buddy's Song' with my National 3 class and it has been working well. I found it really difficult to strike a balance and opted for a novel. I have just tried to adapt it!

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