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NASUWT Action?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by milliebear1, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I've just read that the NASUWT has asked its members to work to rule until they decide whether to strike. Anyone know any more about this?
    I am interested in alternatives to strike action, and know the Australians have had successes using this tactic.
    I would have thought a true work to rule has the potantial to cause resentment between colleagues in British schools though, as secretaries, TAs etc shoulder some of the burden, and that British teachers would be more reluctant to abandon after school clubs etc, than they would be to stage a one day strike.
    Any info/thoughts?
  2. man501

    man501 New commenter

    The NASUWT has voted to strike but they haven't officially committed to the action - I imagine they will wait until Wednesday as they have to officially announce if they are or not 7 days in advance of any action.

    The union executive is asking members to work to rule from December 1, the day after the strikes.

    As a NASUWT member I am all for a one day strike but I will not work to rule - it is far too disruptive (which may be the point but I need to make sure I do my job to the best of my abilities - I will not choose to do a half hearted job) And as the only NASUWT member, in my school it would be problematic for me to maintain.

    I think if the Union pushes the work to rule issue it will cause a lot of problems especially as schools approach Christmas.
  3. Can I just ask, whereabouts does it say that NASUWT have voted to strike but haven't committed to strike action on the 30th yet. I'm finding it very difficult to find this info and it will be extremely useful for me at the moment!

    Thank you muchly in advance!
  4. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    On the Nasuwt website it says the strike is not an inevitability and so are placing the ball in the gov'ts court. They will, I expect, call their members to strike on the 7 day deadline.
  5. But then it goes on to say "NASUWT members will also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all public service workers who have also voted for industrial action on 30 November in the fight for pensions justice." which suggests that intention has been made? Argh! It's all so confusing!
  6. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Let's face it - there was a 40% ballot return. Most members couldn't be bothered to vote, so how many will be bothered to take ANY action whatsoever?
  7. There is nothing more immoral than leaving our children and their children a legacy of debt. A debt that they will have to pay. We have been living life in first class, putting the bill on our gold credit cards that we had no way of repaying. We can sit in retirement in relative luxury or we can be responsible and do the right thing. Let us pay our way. If you do not like this take your 6.4% pension contribution out of the TPS and see what it buys you in the real world. Don't ask the taxpayer to borrow from my children to subsidise you.
  8. The 'taxpayer' (i.e. me) has been paying for pensions since approximately 4-5 years after the state pension scheme was introduced. This thread isn't about the debate over whether to strike, or the causes for the current world financial problems or the morality of whether or not my pension should be paid at the rates that were agreed. It is about the NASUWT request that it's members work to rule - if you have a comment on that, then great - otherwise, start your own Tory propaganda thread elsewhere.
  9. The evidence shows that many more members than those who vote, actually turn out to strike on strike day. It is highly unlikely that the figure would be less than those who have already voted 'yes', and much more likely to be a significantly higher number.
  10. Here here!!
    I see the Government and media propaganda machine have done a grand job! Those grabbing teachers eh?
    By the way 24601...not everyone got the 4x4 chelsea tractor and the house on the jam butty estate!
    Some of us are single parents that worked part time whilst getting our qualification and still live in a council property.
    Of course I wouldn't ask your children to keep me in retirement luxury....they'll be too busy bailing out the bankers!
  11. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    Or, like me, a single parent paying extortionate private rent costs and unable to even dream of getting onto the housing ladder. We must dispel this myth that all teachers are living the middle class idyll and are well paid. Im scale 2 and with the hours I put in im earning about £8 an hour. Id get more on the checkout at Tescos! The monthly increase in contributions would break me, without even thinking about the working til 68 and getting less at the end of it.
  12. I agree with many people on many points...but I hate with the work in tesco/asda argument....4 weeks holiday, bad - if any pension - swings and roundabouts - swings and roundabouts. My mother who worked in retail all her life hardly ahd holidays with us as children, had to at times work the Christmas period and her pension is not the best, thankfully my dad took out other cover to assist.
    This post has been hijacked...Im also wondering how the work to rule would work and wonder if I could actually do it!! - with plays coming up, sports teams needing to get matches in before Christmas.....Conflicted!
  13. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    There is so much **** and admin stuff that has slowly become an "essential" part of teaching, that in the past were extras. I too would wonder how far this goes. Clubs and christmas concerts definately, but what about letters to parents, parents evenings, reports, APP, displays, reports to governors, or do we insist on time out of the classroom to carry out some of our many tasks, rather than doing them in our own time?
  14. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Also I agree it will only work if all teaching unions work to rule.
  15. Yep - that's a very valid point. I too, would struggle with a work to rule at Christmas time (or any time really) of the year. It seems to impact much more directly on the kids - i.e. the people teachers most care about - than a strike does.
    Dunno. Evidence from Oz seems to suggest it worked much more effectively than strikes over here.
  16. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    Penguin, I simply chose an unskilled job that gets paid an hourly rate of around £8ph I was not comparing like for like. I was making the point that teaching is not the well off middle class life people often claim it is.
  17. Exactly, what I was about to say!!!
  18. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Sod that for a laugh! I'd have no PPA and be earning peanuts!
  19. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    :D Well im a recent entrant! Perhaps I should rephrase. I think teachers should get no less than was agreed when their employment commenced.
  20. Sometimes in life you will find people who disagree with you. It's best to support your own argument with real facts, if you can find any, rather than name-calling. .

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