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Names you love but...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by SarahMaths, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. wouldn't/can't name your child.

    I was talking about this with a friend earlier, so I thought I might post it here :)

    One of my friends loves the name Felicity, but her husband won't let her name their daughter that because it was the name of a pet rabbit he had as a child!

    I'm pregnant with my 3rd child and really love French names but, as both my children have Welsh names (and we're not French!), it seems only right to give this baby a Welsh name too.

    I've always loved the name Nia but one of my friends is planning on naming her daughter that, so I can't use it now!

    How about you? :)
  2. Could never have a Callum, a Cameron, a Jack or an Alex (although I love that name and may change my mind!) because of naughty boys I've taught! Mentioned Heidi to my OH and he said no as one of his friends went out with a Heidi who was a nutter!!
  3. Ooo, good thread!

    I love the name Eve but it rhymes with our surname, so my husband says it's out of the question!

    Oscar - it's our dog's name. I really wish we hadn't named him that now!

    Cerys - my friend has just named her daughter this, but I wish I'd got there first!

    Harry - there are already 2 in my family...

    There are loads more...I don't think there'll be many names to choose from soon!
  4. Haha! That reminds me...when I was pregnant with my first child, I liked the name Rhian but my husband said no because she was his school's *ahem* 'bike!!
  5. Names that I love but are taken - Amelia, Eve, Isabelle, Ella, Charlie (boy).
    I second that list of boys name that someone mentioned... those names are all names of very naughty boys i've had too.
    I have the longest list of names that I want for girls, but for boys... I don't have a clue. We just can't decide on a boys name. So there will be a problem if baby is a boy! OH loves the name sawyer BUT as the baby will have oriental features, I said he will be nicked named soya sauce at school lol!
  6. What about Emilia rather than Amelia - that is my daughters name - though I am annoyed by people spelling it wrong (including my family .. grrr).
    I love the name Thomas but OH's mum is seeing a Tommy who is a nasty piece of work so that is out the window. Could never have Jordan (yuck anyway), Nathan, Lauren, Jade (ergh). Naughty kids.
    Names I love are Elsa, Elsie, Esme, Benjamin and Daniel.
  7. P.S. We had a boys name dead early but could never agree on a girls name until I watched Silent Witness. Ooh also hate Ashleigh, Shereece, Connie - all chavy nasty names at my school.
  8. Dimebar - we have similar tastes. I also don't like the names you listed - really chavy. I always do the 'Jeremy Kyle' test and if I can imagine the name on there it's instantly off the list!
    We loved Amelia until it became so popular (picked this name out years ago) so like you we are going to go for Emilia. It's a shame people are spelling it incorrectly but that's people for you. I also like Abigail and Isabella but Isabella is also too popular now!
    Like you Dannii we are so stuck on boys names. They are either too common, too boring or chavy! And I have a feeling we are having a boy! I like Noah but hubby doesn't. He reckons it is too biblical.
    It's a minefield!
  9. GemLP

    GemLP New commenter

    What a fab thread!!
    I always loved Athena for a girl - but apparently it is an old poster shop!! I love the greek / roman gods names - Pandora etc. But OH not so keen.
    Boys names are easy for us as OH dad passed away a couple of years ago and was called Michael so he really wants to go with that -I dont mind it so have settled for that for a boy.
    Went with Eleanor for first baby but struggling with this one! Something pretty and unusual, but without being too weird!
    It is so hard working at a school because whenever you're thinking of names you always liken to x student who was ugly, or y student who was naughty!
  10. Loved Lux for a girl but OH wasn't keen - said it made him thinknof soap!
  11. bella1981

    bella1981 New commenter

    My partner really likes the name Logan for a boy but I'm really not keen. However I love the name Lily for a girl whih he hates.
  12. That's a lovely idea changing Amelia to Emilia, unfortunately Amelia is my only niece (only 13months old) and me and my sister are very close so we see each other all the time. Can you imagine it... 'Emilia, Amelia come here!'
    Boys names tend to be put in these categories:
    biblical (which OH loves) = joseph, anthony, james (all happens to be in his family) etc
    common = callum, cameron, joshua etc chav = jaymz (yes I have one in my class!) etc
    really 'out there'/controversial names = can't think of any right now!
    Where as I feel there is a wider choice for girls names and they can have an 'out there'/different name but it can still be lovely/pretty etc.
  13. I really liked Jonah for a boy but OH said it was unlucky!
    We went with a version of my grandad's name and picked OH's uncle's name for middle name. Both have passed away so it's a nice way to remember them.
    We used to tell everyone we were going to call the baby Sheniqua if it was a girl just to see their faces.
  14. I loved the name Clover for a girl, but Mr C. refused pointblank to consider it because of the butter-style spread of the same name.
    And I liked Christy for a boy, after Christy Moore. Also love Alexander for a boy.

  15. Oh, and can't remember who was talking about Greek goddess/gods' names, but our daughter has a name of that ilk. :)
  16. When I was first pregnant I really liked Esther, but OH wouldn't entertain the idea because of Ms Rantzen. He turned out to be a boy anyway, so no longer a problem.
  17. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I used to have a rabbit called Clover!
    Our son's name was pretty much the no.1 boys' name of 2009, but the only one we agreed on, and it really suits him now. All the boys I know of that name are cheeky but nice, so it didn't put me off.
    I'm expecting a girl now and I really like French/Spanish/Italian names and the name we'll probably go with is Spanish and I don't know any kids with the name at all!
    If we'd been having another boy I liked Harry, Alexander and Noah.
  18. I like Flora but was put off it by the marge!! Also love Elsie Dimebar. Will really struggle if baby number two is a boy!
  19. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like having about 10 children just so that they can use all their favourite names?

    And why why why can't I think of suitable middle names to go with my favourite first names?!

    And why do I also like 'cute' names that wouldn't suit an older woman/man?

    I might just number my children instead....
  20. My baby cousin is called Rafael! I remember when I was told his name and all I could think of was Tennege Mutant Ninja Turtles! It must be my age! BTW - Zoe means 'life' in Greek [​IMG]

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