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Names that cause teachers trouble

Discussion in 'Personal' started by deleted551, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Alliterative names tend to signal trouble - Keiran King, Jared Jones...
  2. Marcia Blaine

    Marcia Blaine New commenter

    I taught a Ciaran who was really nice.

  3. I totally agree that kids with names such as Kyle, Jordan and Rhys are often total nutters. There's also the Ryans. As for the girls - Chelsea?! And Kayleigh? And Jordanne?! And I'm going back a few years, but I once taught a Storm and a Mordecai...
    So far on this year's class lists I have spotted a Farrah...I look forward to seeing the rest...I know it's so wrong (and often untrue), but I love checking out the names and guessing what they'll be like.
    I agree with chicabonita - I have thought of many names for any future children I may bear, but have been put off many of them by the horrific behaviour of their namesakes!
  4. tangerinecat

    tangerinecat New commenter

    For me this year, it's Tia.
    Didn't ask her if her middle name is Maria [​IMG]
    Usually Jack, Ryan, Cain and Jake are tricky.
    We once had twins called Bonnie and Sherlock, who were the loveliest kids ever.
  5. My school's top performer, with 12 A* grades at GCSE this year, has one of the names that has featured on this thread.
    I do agree with people have said about Jack though- it isn't even a name in its own right!
  6. Marcia Blaine

    Marcia Blaine New commenter

    If you were a betting person, it could be a fun (if politically incorrect) staffroom sweepstake on the first day of a new school year![​IMG]
  7. Well, we get our class lists tomorrow...[​IMG]
  8. A couple of years ago we didn't get any pupil data in advance of September, so we sat down and set on the basis of names, when the data (and our own evidence) did show up, we'd only got 5 wrong.
  9. This year I shall be predicting future exclusions of Year 7 boys based on hair cuts/amount of 'product' used. I'll report back when they're in Year 10.
  10. Marcia Blaine

    Marcia Blaine New commenter

    I'll put ten bob on Kee'shawn and Shardnay at 10:1,
    five bob each way on Kieran,
    and a shilling on a 5 way geographical cumulator with Jordan (either sex), Paris, Vienna, Brittany and Kent.
    I don't know anything about betting, so this is probably a stupid post. And I was born post decimal. Must be the Shardnay![​IMG]

  11. But wait for the backlash from Mumsnet if previous years are anything to go by!
    Back to topic: what if you taught brothers called Frank and Jesse James?
    And they turned up to school on horseback. Happened to my Ex.
  12. Brothers; Ayrton and Jensen. Say no more.
  13. Cestrian

    Cestrian New commenter

    Hey! Elder MissC is a Shannon who's just got a string of ace GCSE results, and she's not naughty! When we named her there were no others with the same name.
  14. I taught a Chelsea once who was the sweetest little girl you ever knew. Thick as a plank but very quiet and shy.
  15. Marcia Blaine

    Marcia Blaine New commenter

    Jordan, Aaron, Zac, Josh, Jake.
    Jewish is gaining on Celtic.[​IMG]
    And, preemptively, no disrespect to either race.
  16. Almost the definitive list!
  17. Only my second year of teaching and already can say Liam, Jordon, Jake, Jaya.
    Husbands names starts with a J and he was a very naughty boy at school!
  18. Girls called Chantelle, Danielle, Kayleigh, Jade, Kerry, Carly, Paris, Chelsea, Courtney, Kelly and those with made up names like Aleeesha, Keri-Sha etc who were pains and generally not very bright. Most became completely tarty too.
    As for boys...I cringe when I hear so many little boys with the name Jaydon. That one just sounds sooooooooo....dare I say 'common'? Mother is usually loud and unkempt. Same applies to Harrison, Kyle, Jordan, Reece, Rhys, Darren, Danny, Josh and any other made up modern name. They're usually not very academic or motivated.
    The Sharons, Traceys, Garys and Waynes are long gone...but there's always another lot of 'names that say so much' following on, aren't there?

  19. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    hahaha! His middle name is David (my dad's name)
    Don't worry, we will bring him up properly!
    There's a boy at my school called Tej (pronounced Tee Jay) lol
  20. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    We have a Zac and a Jake two doors away - both a pair of little sh its

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