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N4/5/H Chemistry and Curricular Structure

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by barbiedoll59, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. For Nat 5 think along the lines of Int 2 or indeed the old O-grade content. We're starting with a generic rates and metals unit and assuming 3 periods per week over 2 years.
    Nat 4 has more new stuff which could produce an interesting course if we actually got to teach Nat 4 instead of Nat4/5.
    At least the documents published last week give us something a bit more concrete to go on but I really would like to know what is classified as a novel material as most of the polymers have been around for rather a long time.
    Remember everything is still in draft mode so how can anyone be ready to teach it by August or in our case June.
    Good luck
  2. therightchoice?

    therightchoice? New commenter

    Wow teaching the National 4/5 courses as of August/june? At our school we're led to believe we're forward thinking and miles ahead of other schools.....obviously not!
    We're currently preparing a new S3 course to be taught from june....we are bucking the trend of other schools in the authority and offering a choice of sciences in S3 rather than teaching on a rota or still just teaching science! However to do this we are delivering the Level 4 outcomes but with more emphasis on skills than the content. (S1/2 have had the Level 3 outcomes delivered).
    With the Support notes published last week I'm trying to marry up what has been published already, what we thought we would teach in S3 and what the pupils need for S4......needless to say it is giving me a major headache!!! Also starting to think that the time allocated to teach the National 4/5 will be tight in our school as we will only have 3 periods(45minute each) over the time given to the course....
    Just wondering what are other schools offering? Anyone else feel there is still too much content in the national 4/5 to truly focus on skills like it states in the rationale???
  3. Level 4 Es & Os are overtaken by Nat 4 so teaching Nat 4 covers those outcomes.
    Nat 5 is content driven but basically the old O-grade syllabus so we used to manage to teach all that and include lots of experiments but it was designed for the high flyers.
    The problem arises when you try to meld Nat 4 & 5 together as there are lots of bits that simply don't fit easily.
    Fun times ahead but you certainly can't teach either of them in one year on 3 X 45 min periods - have a look at the documents as to the time which is expected to be allocated to each course.
  4. cochrane1964

    cochrane1964 New commenter

    Thanks folks.
    Never thought that many had a year to prepare for N4/5. Our LA has kept the S1/2:S3/4:S5/6 model due to concern over staffing carnage but it now means we will have about 8 working weeks to write 2 - two year courses.

    We are all bricking it but no one is listening. Reminds me of the SQA fiasco and party of us is thinking 'let them hang.'

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