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Myst Descriptive Writing

Discussion in 'Primary' started by greenpaddy, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    Thank you to everyone who has ever posted on using Myst in Literacy. It is two years since I saw Tim Rylands at an ICT conference in Brighton and I had the chance this week to use Myst with descriptive writing for Imaginary Worlds in Year 4. Thanks to everyone's inspiration I got outstanding for teaching and childrens learning on the day. Large glass of wine tonight. [​IMG] Will post powerpoint to resources over the weekend.
  2. wow well done! oustanding! u def deserve a large glass of wine!
    I used clips from heroes of might and magic ( i got them off youtube) when i did the imaginary worlds and it went okay but think i planned for ch to do too much. I was wondering if you would mind maybe sharing your planning just so i can see how you used the myst game for that unit. I would really appreciate it and in return i could share year 4 literacy planning i feel has gone well.


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