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MyMaths website

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Anonymous, May 22, 2011.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I'd ask on the maths forum. Probably suitable for top juniors. Very "sum" orientated as opposed to real life orientated but it does show some good methods such as x 10,x 100.
    However - there is a danger of teaching slide by slide.
    Games are quite good and you can set homework as well. You can also extend children to level 5 / 6 as well.
  2. My daughter's high school uses this. It started from Y7 and now she's top set doing GCSE a year early. I would check with the high school because if they use it, they might not appreciate the primary school starting the children on it. Alternatively, you could ask the high school and maybe use their login on a restricted basis but save you money.
  3. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    There is a separate primary section which doesn't allow you to access the secondary curriculum. It sounds like it might be good though if your daughter is doing her GCSEs a year early.
  4. Oh right - I didn't know that. But I think the whole school uses it, just at different levels. Couldn't you ask to see a trial?

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