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MyMaths access from other than a PC

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by elrond, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    You see what I just don't get is how pupils are expected to complete their work with note paper at the side. All well by some I think, but I just prefer an exercise book with 20 questions, and pupils answering one after enough. Computer wise I must prefer MangaHigh - the quizzes are multiple choice and there is always the chance for an extension as pupils can apply their knowledge to one of the maths games on the site, where they compete with pupils in their class. You can set homework on MangaHigh but I don't anymore - pupils seem to prefer 50 questions on one topic, with the challenge of getting as far as they can.
  2. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    But if I set 50 questions, I have the answers right next to me. I can mark very quickly, and can pick up exactly where pupils have gone wrong. Write a score, give a comment, set a target. On MyMaths I do not know where they have gone wrong - a major major flaw.
  3. pgrass

    pgrass New commenter

    If students need to use it for self assessment then they request a username and password directly from me. None have.
  4. pgrass

    pgrass New commenter

    I look for ways to ensure teachers are doing their job.
  5. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter


    As you're employing highly qualified adults, why don't you look for ways to support them doing their jobs?
  6. pgrass

    pgrass New commenter

    MyMaths is not support. I have been fortunate enough to compare the affects of using MyMaths, and not using MyMaths.The kids are doing much better without it.
    I have seen many teachers who do not know how to assess, either formatively or summatively, hide behind MyMaths and use it for everything. Take it away and they are exposed. They are forced to become better teachers.
    I should add that I do not teach in the state system so my school may have higher standards, and greater power to get rid of useless teachers.
  7. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    You seem to take great delight in this which strikes me as a rather vindictive move on your part. Have you considered why your department is so reliant on mymaths?
    I can see why you may wish to limit use of this resource but, by taking your action, might you have thrown the baby out with the bathwater? Mymaths does bring some benefits.
    I would look beyond your teachers' over reliance on mymaths towards the schemes of work you run and, most importantly, the other resources you offer. There are far, far better resources out there for class teaching than mymaths - I hope, for your department's well-being, that you have invested in sufficient quantities of these better alternatives.
  8. I agree that you have to be selective about which bits of MyMaths to use.
    I'd be interested to know what resources you find most useful. I don't like Boardworks much.
  9. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    Where to start? I use the best resources for the job in hand and they can come from all sorts of places:
    Nrich, Standards unit are nearly always really useful... At various times, and in no particular order, I also use geogebra, autograph, tarsia, textbooks, all manner of worksheets from all sorts of places, all sorts of ATM & MA resources, CAME, various other books in our library (I tend to buy a copy of anything that looks remotely useful), Bowland, Nuffield AMP resources, Excel, graphical calcs, all sorts of online resources such as 'wisweb applets', Boardworks very occasionally for some quick revision...plus various things I've put together myself... Let's also not forget good old-fashioned chalk and talk... We are not short of resources these days - just look on places like MrBartonMaths for example. The problem is the 'time' to sift through them and find things that are going to work in our own classroom - and then to remember to use them again next time round!
    I never use mymaths for classroom teaching and can't think of anything on there which can't be done as well as, if not better elsewhere. I worry that some teachers seem to rely heavily on the assessment aspects of mymaths, especially with homework. In that respect, I agree that it is a lazy department which sets itself up in that way.
    That does not, however, mean to say that mymaths isn't worth having around...
    I've always hated resources which are set up as powerpoints to 'teach' something - I always find I want to teach it in a different way - and I used to really despise all of those 'tailor-made' lessons that came out of the National Strategy - though I used to nick the bits I liked for my own purpose.
  10. Thanks for that comprehensive reply.
    This is exactly my problem which is why I asked the question, trying to get a useful list of resources (as I have!)
    I do use Mr Barton a lot: Tarsia, Collective memories, Bingo etc. and worksheets from TES .
    What I am short of is good things which can be used on the interactive whiteboard or i-pads.I'll have a look at the things you mentioned which I don't recognise (e.g. wiswise applets).
    Thanks again, Googleplex.

  11. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    I do, but only very rarely.

    There are a few "widgets" on mymaths - some things that show transformations on a curve and area of a triangle/trapezium, etc. - that are pretty good. I'm not saying there aren't better or equivalent around elsewhere, but I can find them easily on mymaths and some of the others get moved around or the sites close down, etc.

    Actually teaching from mymaths is something I do view with some horror and if the earlier poster was actually having members of the department more or less stand at the front and go through mymaths lessons as a normal activity than that is shocking.

    All too often, I find the technology lets me down - I can't get in an IT suite or, when I can get in one, I find that IT services introduced a policy the night before that prevents Java running so that blocks out the geogebra (and many website) activities I had planned..

    I've never seen this. As I write before, I have seen mymaths used to circumvent an unworkable management directive on how often homework must be set and marked, making no allowances for staff workload or suitability for individual subjects or key stages.

    I agree mymaths wasn't be used properly there - what should have happened is that staff and department heads should have told SLT where to stick their homework policy!
  12. 'bleat' I find that offensive.Using derogatory terms to describe them? Who are them? Your pupils and or their parents? Some How I think some teachers have lost track of why they became a teacher in the first place! Not everyone is blessed if unlimited computing skills, I for one am certainly not and it is understandable that pupils and parents alike would get frustrated by being unable to even access MY MATHS....... Maybe think outside the box and let them access it during lesson time so these problems don't occur or even don't use MY MATHS at all and do things the old fashioned way like teachers before have had to indure! Now there's a thought!
  13. We are trialling Mathster.com at the moment and it does not require any special browser or use flash so everyone can access it. It is good for online homework and you can see which questions the students get wrong
  14. Bloomstar

    Bloomstar New commenter

    They place their excercise book or a notepad or printed paper next to their keyboard?

    I think you have to pair it up for something else for assessment, it's not the sole solution.

    Interesting, what are your class sizes like?
  15. chrisa86

    chrisa86 New commenter

    As this thread has been brought back from 4 years of stasis, I thought I would add that, given that the makers of MyMaths are determined to keep the website based in Flash, which is, effectively, dead, I amazed it's still popular. Websites such as Jamie Frost's DrFrostMaths Homework site seem to do the job (if not better) for nothing - there is the odd advert but I think this is completely acceptable. I'm very keen on this site!
  16. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    Patently not true. Chrisa86 is fake news. Read these pages about how MyMaths have converted their resources from Flash to HTML5 on the way to total conversion:
    Plus it is easy to use Puffin Academy on iPads, which are the only non-native-to-Flash device that you could conceivably want to run MyMaths on. (iPhone 3GS, anyone?)
    rachel_g41 and strawbs like this.
  17. chrisa86

    chrisa86 New commenter

    Sorry - wasn't aware. Any I have used in recent months still struggled with more modern browsers but at least this will be an improvement. I'd still argue Jamie Frost's efforts are far greater and give a wider range of information on performance than the costly efforts of MyMaths. For those who disagree and see its great merits, I have to ask what it is that keeps people paying in a time when budgets are so light, when there are free alternatives? (Not rhetoric, I am curious!(
  18. rachel_g41

    rachel_g41 Established commenter

    How similar is mymaths to myimaths?

    Our children all have ipads and can't log in using the standard browswer. They must install another, Puffin Academy, and access through that - then it works fine.

    This isn't just imaths, another education app (can't remember which) we used in a previous school had the same issue, the standard Safari browser didn't work but the Puffin one did. Worth a try.
  19. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    Identical. https://www.myimaths.com/overview.html The only difference is the activities are linked to international curricula, so you select iGCSE instead of GCSE etc

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