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Myjobscotland application forms?

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by Julski, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Hello all,
    Possibly not the correct forum but.... Am filling in one of these for the first time, total nightmare!
    Can anyone tell me about the bit that is 'courses'?
    I had presumed it meant CPD courses, but it has a mandatory field for result.... so am now unsure what it means. And if it's courses with certificates/ grades and I don't have any, is it ok to leave blank? Have been warned in the past not to leave any part of an application form blank!
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. I need a drink!

  2. Ach, just shove 'pass' in that section - you did by virtue of attending, didn't you? [​IMG] I agree with you that Job Scotland is a nightmare - probably designed by the same people who came up with GLOW. You realise that the ability to actually complete that application process is to separate the wheat from the chaff, lol!

    Being serious - good luck with your application.

  3. The reasons for not leaving blanks is to do with ensuring that candidates don't try and hide 'negative' information by simply not answering awkward questions. So a clear statement of 'does not apply' or 'unexamined' serves to show you're not being sneaky. (Though you could, of course, be lying through your teeth!)
    As far as your own 'courses' are concerned, even if they've not been assessed, and even if you're a probationer, you'll have done a child protection day or something worth mentioning, even if 'just' on an inservice day.
    The good thing about MJS is that once you've filled in all the details, they are there ready for your every next application - except the 'Application Questions' page. Even so, it's a good idea to copy the application to file so you can re-use or re-hash the 'Application [answers]'. And in some authorities the questions are the same for all teaching posts.
    But beware of targetting the job history comments. I once forgot that I'd described a school I'd worked in as being similar to the target school, and left in the comments about how I was well-qualified to work in school B when later applying to school D.
    Good luck, anyway!
  4. Many thanks Poor Tom and Besomcat, most appreciated![​IMG]

    Merry Christmas when it comes,


  5. AAgh! My job scotland strikes again. Warning to anyone using the site - which is pretty well anyone applying for a job in the public sector on Scotland. If you fill in your application questions, leave them to percolate for a while then go back and revise them, DON"T click "save" until you have copied and pasted your new answer onto a word or pages doc on your own computer, Have recently spent three hours trying to stop my application from ending midway through a word in the last sentence. Every time I tried to save it, back came the original draft, minus 3 1/2 words. It looked really professsional. Can they tell if an application was finally posted at 2 im the morning? hope not.
  6. ryeland

    ryeland New commenter

    Coping with that site is part of the selection process. If you can beat Myjobscotland - congrats. Go to next level.

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