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My supply pack: want to add to or change it?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by jubilee, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    In Literacy, remember to explain to children that ...
    it's = it is its is the possessive form, so 'identify a number by its shape'!
  2. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    How big is your file? and remember, not all computers in schools will allow a pendrive to run.... there are ways around this, by using P/start, or simply having a 'non operational ' pendrive.

    It's excellent actually....good luck.

  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Can't imagine what else you would want to add. You seem to have it all covered.
    You say you have used it for a year...did it work well for you? If there are things you never ever used, you might want to get rid of them. If there are times of the day that you were left floundering (with such a prepared pack I can't imagine you were!) then look specifically at things to fill that time.
    Well done for having it all sorted.
  4. sm1971

    sm1971 New commenter

    Thanks for the comments (although Julilee was a bit picky!)
    Although I haven't used all of the activities, I like to have the ideas ready just in case I have fewer and I hear the 'we've already done that' cry go up!
    I sort my file out once each term and add and take away ideas, but I feel quite ok about the contents at the mo.
    BTW, my file is an A4 ring binder which is just about full, and I also take a pencil case full of white board pens and my own pencil case as well as my memory stick. I have not been stuck for a lesson or resource yet, so here's hoping it continues.
    Please feel free to add any fantasic ideas to make me inspired!
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Gosh you are organised! Agree you've pretty well got everything covered. Have you considered what will happen if you get asked in another time with the same class? I usually find teachers are very specific about which work they want covered- fitting in with their Scheme of work, so I play it much more 'off the cuff'. Do you work in schools where the laptops are passworded? I usually find I don't 'exist' on their system I can't log on, so never take in Ppts.
    Hope you get lots of work to use it all now.

  6. chocoholic1

    chocoholic1 New commenter

    Brilliant post. I'm just about to sort out my stuff for the first time, and you've given me a fantastic starting point. Will sort it out in more detail then see if I can think of anything I can add.
    The only other thing I can suggest is a website link at the bottom of each section, just in case you can use the laptop. For reception I use poissonrouge.com

  7. chocoholic1

    chocoholic1 New commenter

    Quick question - What's AOP?
  8. Outstanding Outstanding! a credit to - our cause- our job - and our good name! I am being sincere. (not silly sarky)
    Now that is just a brilliant example of the 21st century supply covering all the bases. Ok even if you do not have the log in codes for a computer power point, the base sketch plan of ideas is as sound as it can be when you are caught flatfooted in a dodgy school.
    I am secondary so big respect to you primary teachers. And although another agenda I doubt non teacher trained personnel could provide this level of service.
  9. Mr_G_ICT

    Mr_G_ICT New commenter

    but isnt' secondary much more difficult to plan for? (unless you are doing long term supply) because you could be dumped into any subject and anywhere in the curriculum.

    When i walk into a classroom i will look at the cover left and try to teach with starter/main/plenary as best i can, but that's thinking fast on my feet and rolling with it, a lot. My subject is also ICT and you are NEVER left a log in on a day's supply so you have to really make it up when teaching that(or borrowing a kid's login, which you have to be very careful with). This is written as me only doing maybe 6 weeks supply at the end of last term and trying my best to deal with situations as they roll up.
  10. Also highlights in my opinion a big hole in the secondary teaching biz. Year 7 transition is a big deal and rightly so. Secondary teacher training from my experience in 2000 was a little superficial on the issue.(some trainee teachers may have had much better input).
    I know that secondary schools have their transition day insets so they can tick the CPD boxes. And many secondary schools have excellent experience days.
    However in my opinion as a secondary supply having did some supply in Year 6 there was nothing better to pick up hands on, ready to go stuff for some differentiation with Year 7 and 8 in secondary.
    Picking up on phonics or a Look Say Cover Exercise (all things I only picked up in the primary environment or talking to Primary teachers). Then adapting to subjects not my own in secondary, well it was all big time quality useful stuff!
    I have no views on phonics either way. But a few achievable phonics exercises ready to go can be useful in the secondary when the difficult ones are up for trouble!
    Respect to Primary
  11. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Only one quick thought. Like you I bring my own whiteboard pens and rubber. But I also have a pencil case with pens, pencils, 6" rulers, rubbers, sharpeners all labelled to remind them whose property it is.Then there's no work avoidance "havent' got a . . . I simply say " No problem. Borrow one of mine". I also have a case of highlighters- children love highlighting-use for key words, all the adjs,verbs, nouns etc. or picking out key phrases. I've just made some mini whiteboards- just A3 sheets laminated so will have to see how they stand up to wear and tear and of course pens. Cut up a washcloth for erasers and put in cases of 6.
    Also have a pro-forma which leave behind. Hello my name is . . . & I took your class(es) today and leave details of starter, main and plenary activities if they differ from what's left, colour coded green achieved, orange most achieved, red poor or little achievement. Also award pupils stars 1- max 5 for behaviour and leave details of any star pupils or names of other needing follow-up, either 'cos they didn't understand or 'cos they didn't behave
  12. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    One more idea I forgot. I also have some raffle tickets. Never know what reward system any particular school has- so I use raffle tickets- cheap and easy to use! At the start of the lesson I try to award a ticket as soon as possible to show the children they will be rewarded for good behaviour/ work etc. They then write their name and class on the back (gives me the info for my pro-forma feedback sheet) and I then pass on the info to the class teacher, so they can have the appropriate reward for their school.
    Also have a 'toilet pass card', some coloured cards if they have a house sytem or 'yellow/ red cards' warnings if I need them.
  13. sm1971

    sm1971 New commenter

    Wow Lara - you make me feel disorganised!! Like the ideas of proforma and toilet passes especially.

    For those of you who have asked what I do if I go back to the same class, I usually have work left for me at the schools I go to (and I don't go to as many schools as some of you, I'm sure) and I make a mental note of what I have taught to any classes when I have used my own ideas and as my pack has several ideas for each year group, I'm never stuck (yet!!)
  14. wow, thank you so much, this thread is so useful!! I'm starting supply for the first time tomorrow and this info has given me a really good idea of what i need to have prepared just in case.

    I did my NQT year last year and I know that whenever I was off (unless last minute illness) I always left instructions and resources, and that because my school was 4 form entry there was 3 others in my year group that would help them out but I think its good to have things ready for when you're left with little/no instructions. :)

  15. WOW - this is amazing - thank you so much for all these ideas. I'm just starting supply work and was worried about what to do if left nothing or if the children finish early. Your ideas give me a starting point - thank you. Will be spending the next few days organising these ideas and adding things to memory stick.
    Thanks again
    Amy :eek:)
  16. Chatterbox1607

    Chatterbox1607 New commenter

    How did you begin your supply folder and where is best to start? I am about to start supply after graduating in July...what would you recommend me to do or buy?
  17. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Hi Chaatterbox,
    Wouldn't recommend you spend any money at this stage. You could spend far too much on stuff you may never need. With NC / SATs etc. most teachers have particular topics they want covered. Use anything from your TPs and anything you can garner from this and other websites. Years ago I used to have masses of things I never managed to use, because e. g. if I never was in Yr 3 week 7 again, I never used those materials again.
    Don't put too much on memory sticks in case you can't log onto the computer, until you know in which schools you will be able to access computers.
    Look for displays indicating area for topics, at pupils books for levels of work/ abilities. Usually ther's a friendly member of staff to help and in many a classroom the TA is your best friend. They can fill you in on most details and welcome a thankyou at the end of the lesson.
  18. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing it. I am just about to start day to day supply and will def be referring to this list for some inspiration. I noticed that this is quite an old post....I wondered whether you have come across any more fantastic ideas since then?? I'm really nervous about the whole thing and would love to hear from you - even if it is only for reassurance [​IMG] Please, please could you drop me an e mail if you have anything that would help me build up my own resource bank, I'm hopng to find a perm job but until then I need to do the best job I can with what I have

    Thanks in advance

    xxx gemslater06@hotmail.co.uk
  19. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    This thread is less than a fortnight old by my reckoning....hardly old!
    There are loads of threads with ideas for resources, have a look through slightly older posts and nab allt he ideas you can. :)
  20. Hi there, this is brilliant. Thank-you for sharing all your great ideas. I am starting supply for the first time soon and am very nervous, but your post has helped me no-end. Could I just ask what 'fruit salad' is? And also what AOP stands for? Were you planning on sharing your PPT files too ;)
    Many thanks again

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