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My students say they don't understand me

Discussion in 'History' started by mapicone, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. I have several coed and non coed groups in Key Stage 3. I teach history to all of them. One of those groups (girls only) say they don't understand me and although I show them how well they are working, apparently that is not enough. My head says they repeat everything by heart so that I think they have acquired whatever I want them to learn (clearly, he is not acquainted with my type of teaching, where memory is only a means, but not the way to learn).

    Even if they do understand me, I am frustrated because they are under the impression of two things:

    1) They can't learn properly.

    2) They can't tell me about it.

    I am really under the weather today, especially on such a grey afternoon here in Argentina.

    Looking forward to read any advice!

  2. Thank you!! It is not a school policy here to use AfL (I teach in Argentina) so I sometimes forget about it but I try to use as much as I can. It is weird because my students do well in their tasks (I don't ask them to repeat anything, I get bored like that =) ) but they told my head they don't understand when I explain things. Moreover, they sobbed in their last exam (we have term exams here) and they got 8s & 9s (would like As and Bs). Thank you for your tips, I can really use them! I found them quite interesting and encouraging. Thank you again!!!


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