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My school is in special measures!

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by harchie, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. i worked in a school that was in special measures. Despite getting good observations- the teachers were treated like dirt. we failed due to SLT 's mismanagement but were tarred by the same brush.
    County were supposed to be supportive - but they bullied and were condescending. several good teachers were hounded out. The headteacher decided to suck up to the inspectors and treated her staff like lepers.
    its very hard - keep your head down, keep a diary, inform your union of the situation - maintain your rights as aprofessional - its unfair and totally demeaning.
    data is more important than children.
    the new inspection regime is bias towards middle class schools with high attaining children and where children get a statement if they dont have a pony.
    i am still very bitter about the whole process
  2. I feel for you. I was put into a school that had just been put into Special Measures. The problem was very much that of the leadership. When the authority got rid of the headteacher, they put in an acting one. This acting one slated all staff, told us all that we were inadequate and set up their own teaching model which we had to follow totally. Teaching assistants were told they had to record the number of minutes that were spent on each part of the lesson and then to report back to the head. Learning objectives had to be written in a specific manner. Many teachers were bullied out. It was like working in a boot camp for staff and pupils. Staff turnover was huge. The HMI that visited judged teaching and learning in a very different way to an usual Ofsted format. Five lessons were failed as their learning objective said the children would learn to write a poem using metaphors - it should have said they were going to use metaphors in a poem.
    The acting headteacher bullied staff. You must record everything. The LA may well consider moving you to another school if you request that particularly if you mention harrassment, bullying etc. That would not be you failing but you taking control.
    I also worked in another school just after it went into Special Measures. The acting head that was put into that one was fantastic. He viewed us all as a team. He treated us all with respect, never told us we were rubbish. He refered that we all needed to swim together or we would all sink. He got us all to look at our strengths and how to work with each other. We were one of the fastest schools to get out of Special Measures as Good.
    To sum up it all depends on the headteacher actions and attitudes. Do what is best for you. Good luck.
  3. It seems to be true of so many schools that are in special measures that it's largely down to the SLT. In our case the governors too failed. As a result the staff are under extreme pressure putting in ridiculous hours, filling in endless paperwork and scrutinised to a level that no professional should be. The school had a good track record re teaching and learning, teachers who had previously been graded as very good and outstanding suddenly were deemed satisfactory or worst. We have lost some good teachers and countless supply teachers as a result. Our school is moving out of SM but to a great cost to all the staff concerned.
  4. One thing I like about Special Measures is that everything is put in order and balance. My brother's school went into Special Measures and he, being a shy type and being bullied almost everyday, changed. But not all turn out good though.


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