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My poor car!!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Fladaif8, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. So as my car is quite frankly a disgrace and is due its MOT next week I took it down to a hand car wash down the road so not to totally disgrace myself at the garage. My mum suggested I leave it there to be cleaned while we wandered into town but I told her I didn't trust people in my car and I wouldn't leave it (and the keys!) I even said that I didn't trust them to drive it from the power hose to the hoover and how right I was!
    We sat in my car while they washed the outside and then pulled it around to the gazebo thing so they could hoover the inside. We got out of the car and went and sat in the waiting room so we weren't in the way. Next thing I saw my car being driven into a big metal pole! One of the men had decided to move it forwards (why I have no idea and I'm not happy that they did!) he claimed the break didn't work and he slammed it into the pole- it would appear he didn't turn the engine on just took the hand break off. Cue me legging it out of the waiting room to a very sheepish looking employee, his manager came over and tried to smooth the situation out by offering to pay for the damage (great!) by buying a new door and wing mirror and fitting it himself (not great!) I tried to explain about insurance companies and that I have a warranty that's invalidated if work isn't cleared through them. The owner was away on holiday and they have no insurance (double great!) but give me their word that they will pay if I turn up with a receipt for the repairs. They all gave us their details but couldn't tell us the name or address of the person who owned it. Around this time a 'friend of the owner' turned up and got involved. Things started to get out of hand as they became aggressive and it resulted in me calling the police because I genuinely felt threatened and wasn't leaving without a name! The police were brilliant despite it being a civil case and got the information we needed and at least I now have an incident number.
    So I'm now faced with an expensive bill either way as my insurance excess is huge and to make it worse I'm off on holiday tomorrow so don't know how I'm going to arrange to get quotes etc.
    I knew knew knew I shoudn't have got out of the car! I suppose its my own fault for being a lazy cow and not doing it myself!

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