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My partner passed away last Saturday - compassionate leave?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by supply slave, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. As has been said, all of us cope differently with grief. For me it was better to be at work and distracted, for others being at work is just too much.
    Compassionate leave (public and private sector) is usually dependent on your contract - I would get two days for the death of an immediate relative (how gracious) although my bosses are very accommodating and a colleague recently had 3 weeks off when his mother took ill (and subsequently died). He had only just joined us and is still on his trial period but it wasn't a problem.
    You obviously are not coping at the moment and there is nothing wrong with getting the doctor to sign you off for a couple of weeks at least and there is no need for you to feel guilty or bad about that. Talk to your head and explain how you are struggling at the moment and then see what he says - it is only temporary and if you are not able to do your job properly at the moment, which is completely understandable, then there is little point trying to soldier on and play the martyr.
    Take those couple of weeks and then see how things are after that.
    My condolences to you - come and join us on the Bereavement thread if you ever need to offload xxxx
  2. Not as a supply teacher ... you say that you are covering Maternity ... is this still as daily supply

    If you have actually signed a fixed term contract that may be different ... you may be able to take some leave

    All of this, however, must take second place to your own health and well-being
  3. So sorry for your loss supply slave. Just to echo what has been said - do please look after yourself.
    C x

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