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My little man has started waking up at 4am to be fed.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by MrsDetermined, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    We started weaning last week so he has been having some solids and usually has five milk feeds a day (around 6oz but some of these are bf so can't be exactly sure on amount).
    Up until last week he was sleeping 8pm until 7am without waking.
    Could it be linked to weaning?
    is it just a phase?
    We've tried not feeding him but he's definitely hungry.
    Pleeeaaaase help!
  2. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    I should have also said that we're having trouble keeping him awake for his evening feed. We've tried a later nap and earlier bath but nothing has worked.
    He's five months old (6 wks prem) and weighs around 14 lbs.
  3. I'm afraid I don't have a solution but just want to say that my little girl (well not that little - she is around 18lbs!) is exactly the same. She is 5 months old and was sleeping through, but now wakes at least once in the night and is hungry! I think this is very common and my HV said it is a growth spurt. Its been going on a few weeks now. We haven't started weaning yet- so far she is exclusively breastfed but we will probably start weaning next weekend. I am going to a workshop about weaning this week ( run by the Health visitors team) so I will probably ask about sleep then if I get the opportunity.
  4. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    Well it's reassuring to know we're not the only ones!
    A growth spurt is my best guess aswell but it doesn't really mean an answer. We'll still both be knackered Sauce!
  5. My LO has been waking more too recently. Since Christmas pretty much he has been waking twice a night part from 3 or 4 nights. It's been tough going but I am happy to say that he has been sleeping through the last few nights so I am hoping it may be over [famous last words]. He was very hungry too I am thinking some kind of link to being ready for weaning which we started last weekend. He is 5 months next week.
    Hopefully it won't last too long x
  6. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I remember my son started waking more in the night around 5 months (he's 19 months now). Possibly a growth spurt? It's always the way...you think you have the sleeping thing sussed and then it suddenly all changes!

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