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My KS3 behaviour update

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by teacher_new81, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. teacher_new81

    teacher_new81 Occasional commenter

    Hi everyone. I listened to all the advice given to me on here, and on the behaviour forum, regarding the KS3 class that were hell for me. Thought about it over half-term and had my first lesson with them. Here's what I did. Any other thoughts or advice would be welcome.
    Two days before I was set to teach them, I telephoned 10 of the students' parents to tell them how pleased I was with their work, attainment and the grades they achieved in their first unit. These are 10 great and hard working students, either bahviourally or by getting a level 6+.
    One day before lesson, I informed the students that they can come after school, where I will be waiting in the room, if anyone wishes to get any 1 on 1 help with their unit 1 work and hopefully bump up their mark - 6 students came. I wanted to show I really do care about them.
    Day of lesson, I put them into a normal classroom (not ICT room). Had the 5 most difficult students sitting at the front on their own, and the rest were permitted to sit wherever they wanted. All students took out their planners, and noted down my 3 rules and then wrote down my 3 consequences. Asked them if they understood my rules and explained what I did 2 days before and 1 day before the lesson.
    Also told them that they can choose whether to have a lesson in ordinary classroom, or in a ICT room. Told them I would abolish class detentions, and those that are persistently misbehaving will do individual detention with me.
    They had to take their planners home and get them signed by their parents by the following Monday (part where they wrote rules and consequences) so that now I have a contract with the kids and parents. Then other half of lesson we did a mindmap together, had them discussing internet issues. Generally the kids were better, especially those 16 that I spent time with in the previous two days.
    Finally I asked, being an NQT, if the Junior Leadership Manager of KS3 could come observe me in the next lesson, to see if there are any strategies I could use, as I want to improve. I emailed the year head and form tutors about the lesson, keeping them all informed.

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