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My first classroom!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Easterbunny, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I'm going in to "audit" my first ever classroom tomorrow, any ideas what I should do to start with?

    I've got posters etc but that feels a bit superficial, I feel as though I should be doing far more serious things!

    Any ideas or tips greatly received!
  2. Hi,

    I'm going in to "audit" my first ever classroom tomorrow, any ideas what I should do to start with?

    I've got posters etc but that feels a bit superficial, I feel as though I should be doing far more serious things!

    Any ideas or tips greatly received!
  3. I went in with this idea today...i was going to do lots of sorting etc...ended up spending the whole day rebacking display boards.
    never mind try again tomorrow!
  4. Oh dear, I hope I don't do that- the school is only open tomorrow and Weds, then not until the 20 somethingth of August!
  5. Remember you have your teaching assistants to help with backing and putting up your displays e.t.c. It's a good idea to have some as working displays and others to leave for the children to help you do. My classroom is being painted so i'm only going in for a couple of days before Sept. too - don't worry :)
  6. I went in today. For the first few hours I was in bit of a daze not really knowing what to do or where to start. After lunch though I was like a trojan. Took everything out of every cupboard and put it back so now know what i've got and where it is. Painted display boards (up to your prefence and if school lets you....all other teachers did it so I did too). Then I made it my own.....created role play area, reading area, ICT area, got a desk someone was getting rid of. Looks fab.....sad as it sounds I can't wait to get back tomorrow!!!
  7. I went in today too and they weren't joking at Uni when they said the place would be gutted when we get our first classroom! Tables were stacked, all display boards bare wood, every scrap of the previous teachers personality removed. I didn't know where to start and probably wasted a lot of the day just staring at it all! I did set up my role play area and put some furniture in the general place it will end up.
    Back again tomorrow and hope I get a lot more done than I did today!
    Good luck, be prepared for standing there staring at the room with your mouth open for the first 5 minutes! :eek:)
  8. Your lucky Emmsie. I spent the whole day today sorting out the **** from the previous teacher. It really put a downer on my day as I feel like I havent done anything for myself. Why should i have to clear out her cupboards with her old PE kit, 50 pairs of teachers scissors, random bits of card and 1000000 drawing pins etc. Sorry to rant but it has really got me down today! :(
  9. Dare2Bear - I spent a lot of last summer sorting through all that stuff! in the end had to give up with some of it and stash it away. Unfortunately that means this summer I still have some of the really old rubbish to sort through as well as my own (considerably large) selection of rubbish! :(

    giggle. x
  10. I can agree with everyone who says you spend a good bit of time standing staring with your mouth open!! Also everything seems to take a whole lot longer than you imagine and it has taken me a fair few hours more than I thought it would. It's a lot of fun too but don't worry if you walk in and feel very overwhelmed at the prospect, it starts to come together ok!
  11. Hello!

    Ahh I went into my CR yesterday for the first time since last teacher left and it was shocking - soooooooo much rubbish, drawers still full of crud and ****... I spent the 4 hours I was there making an invantory, tidying up the art cupboard and the games box and generally feeling angry and sad that the place hadn't been cleaned yet.

    I'm going in today to start moving some furtniture about. With any luck the cleaners came yesterday and the caretaker's moved last occupent's stuff to new classroom! Wish me luck lol
  12. Good luck Sararie! I'm going in to do the same and I hope we all feel better about things tonight than how I did last night! Hope your ok by the way x
  13. Hi all,

    Sorry to butt in our your message but I was just wondering.....

    I am on maternity leave now for a year and leaving my classroom for an NQT and was wondering what things would be handy for you guys to have easy ready access to?

    I have given her all my medium term planning for the year to play with at her leisure, have got some assessment proformas out and ready as she will need these ongoing all year, although some will come fromthe last class teacher of her class, all the classroom resources are clearly labelled, any resources I have left that are personally mine I have labelled appropriately - what else do you guys want?

    Any ideas/tips are most welcome
  14. I can't get into my room till August, and its being painted so it will be totally bare too! However, I am trying to think of what I should be doing now to prepare.
    I want to do the children's drawer labels. I have been given some templates, but do I print them onto paper, or photocopay them onto card? How do I attach them onto the drawers? Silly questions I know, but they are really bothering me!
  15. Hi must be crazy!

    I have had my own class for four years now and I have only just found a way of labelling the children's drawers that I actually like and works for the whole year!

    I print them onto paper (all the same size and in black) I then have a piece of card which mathces the colour of each child's tray (our trays match the school house teams) and stick their paper label ontp the centre of the piece of card and then laminate the whole thing. The children also like this as they can stick any stickers they receive onto the laminated card without the tray getting covered in sticker glue stuff. We do have deep trays though so my labels are slightly bigger than your average postcard.

    My labels are then attached with sticky fixers, which usuallly holds them in place all year. Sticky fixer residue is then removed by the class pain at the end of the school year!
  16. In reply to the question about maternity NQT, I would say you sound like a great person to be taking over from!! Very organised.
    For me, one of the most important things is knowing who things belong to, to try and keep track of them (i.e. is this a school resource or one that shouldn't leave the classroom?)
    Other than that, day to day resources and a bit of advice about what works and what doesn't in the classroom would be enough for me!

    Hope that helps
  17. I went into my classroom last week with the intention of getting a lot of things organised. However, I just didn't know where to start so I just cleared the old display boards and went through each drawer/cupboard seeing what was there.

    I'm going back again this week, but have no idea what to do next! As the school is a 40 min drive, I want to get the most out of my trips. Any ideas?
  18. Just be glad those of you that have a classroom! I'll be teaching in the corridor and it is still an ICT suite!
  19. Thanks Buzzby. I had thought of putting them onto card and laminating - now I just need to worry about the size of the drawers!! Think I will probably get them done and saved onto my memory stick, then print them when I have been in on the first day, as I have 2 weeks when I can go into school. So long as they are done during that first week, I will be happy!!
  20. welshlass

    welshlass New commenter

    At least you can get into your classrooms, I am taking over from a teacher who is retiring and have been told she needs two weeks to clear out before I can get in there. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful she is doing the clearing but just want to get in there as can't relax until I at least know what I have left (she has so far taken down shelves that were hers and promised half the storage to other people!!) I am spending my time at home making drawer labels, peg labels, labelling all the books, thinking about group names for lit & maths and making a 'talk partner' display board with their names on it (all laminated so can be moved around).

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