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My Experience of the Search Job Fair (Jan 2012)

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Training_2_Teach, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    So far, very disappointing, many schools refused to interview me because I had no IB experience, some refused because of my family situation, I'm married to a non-teaching spouse.
    It's become apparent to me that many schools abroad are moving towards IB and the English National Curriculum is phasing out.
    The schools that advertised in TES, were interviewing at the Search Fair which explains why many applicants don't hear back from these schools.
    Not to mention the negativity shown by certain schools through their body
    language towards me (me being non white) and then fobbing me off with a
    poor excuse for not interviewing me even when there was a vacancy

    It's been a real eye opener.

  2. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    Also, many British Curriculum Schools offer IGCSE in KS4 and then IB at KS5 and require experience of teaching both.
  3. Bangkok Search and ISS fairs? Need to be single or teaching couple with IB experience. If you fall into that category there will likely be offers. If you don't they are more than likely prepared to wait. As Stalin said to Trotsky, "That's the cold hard reality sunshine". Same happened to me some years back and I'm as pale as they come. Now that wife and I are both IGCSE/IB experienced they are more prepared to pow wow. Don't take it personally. Keep applying. I know teachers with non-teaching spouse and 2 or 3 children who got gigs. Just not at great schools but they worked their way up getting experience. One is now a DP at a school at a big school in China.

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