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My daughter is being taught by a TA !

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by supplybychoice, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Supplybychoice...

    The fundamental question which you asked your head has been ignored.

    You asked:

    Can you please inform me what qualifications Mrs Y has in teaching and in mathematics and for how long you expect Mrs Y to be teaching my daughter.

    The head has not answered your question and carefully evaded the issue of qualifications.
    It is neither here nor there whether the person is a HLTA. or a TA.

    That is not the point.

    Were she my daughter,then I would politely write back thanking the head, but asking what qualifications the teaching assistant has in Maths AND teaching! The crux of the matter!

    Let's not beat about the bush here!!!!

  2. SBC.

    I would further send a copy of same letter to the Chair of Governors.

    This shows you mean business and will NOT BE FOBBED OF!

  3. meant "off".
  4. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    The HT has told you that the TA is HTLA qualified.
    As for the TAs personal standard qualification in mathmatics, I'm not sure the HT has to provide you with such information! After all, if a parent wanted to know what grade I got in Geography GCSE I'd tell them it was none of their business!

    Personally, if you still have issues with this, I think you need to have a face-to-face meeting with the HT. As my example showed, some TAs can do a fantastic job. (In response to earlier poster's question - I'm not saying all TAs should do the maths teaching - I'm just saying that there might not be reason to doubt the quality of provision). Maybe you are worrying over this as you feel the TA will not do an adequate job. A discussion with the HT would establish why your daughter is in this group - how large or small it is etc. You will need to trust the HT's judgment as to the TAs abilities in teaching unless your daughter's progress suggests otherwise.

    Having said that, I can understand your concerns. But you need to talk to the person who can answer these properly.
  5. Do you want your child to receive the best education on offer to her? Obviously yes. You have made the first step. You really need to find out what she is learning, how well she is learning it and how SHE feels about it, before taking it further. Do you know anything about the TA in question? How long has she been a TA? What students is she used to working with? What experience does she actually have. When you have spent years transmitting data to the most disengaged sector in school you do pick up all the tips and tricks which help you in whole class teaching (I know because I have done it). It may well be that your daughter will progress further and more quickly with this woman than she would have done with her previous teacher. If it was me, I would make a full and thorough investigation before deciding whether to take the matter further.

    In this day and age, with the teaching profession facing all kinds of challenges and students taking the backlash, I would think it is worth making sure your child is getting the best education possible for her, and that might just not be the obvious one!
  6. beameup

    beameup New commenter

    HLTA is a status and not a qualification. But you are targeting the wrong people. Headteachers say what happens in school. Teachers needed PPA time and got it. The school budget needs to fund the 10% classroom cover and most heads will do that as cheaply as possible.
    Instead of moaning on here continuously and goading each other on to 'tell the press', as one poster suggested, you should be bombarding the School Managers and Governor's Staffrooms. I can't understand why you are not.
  7. supplybychoice

    supplybychoice New commenter

    Guess what ?

    An agency rang me today and asked me if I wanted to do cover in my daughters school next week !!!

    Of course I declined (the thought of teaching her and her mates fills me with dread) despite my daughter pleading with me while I was on the phone.

    I don't think the head would have been too pleased to see me !
  8. beameup

    beameup New commenter

    Anyone voiced their concerns on the School Managers site yet?

  9. Mind you, SBC., you could have spent dinnertime in the staffroom and had a long old natter to the TA. teaching your daughter...
  10. Supplybychoice - you still haven't said whether you're talking about whole class, small group etc.

    As for the school asking you to do supply, you should have gone for it! That would have given you the chance to find out what's going on. Would it have been in your daughter's class?
  11. I am appalled that anyone with any knowledge of education thinks that someone teaching from planning by the maths department can be in any way effective. What about responding to the children? What if children do not latch onto understanding the way the planner anticipated? What if they catch on faster? How do they deal with the really bright kids? doggedly following a script with no deviation in response the the children's progress is not teaching. If a teacher did that and was observed, they would get'unsatisfactory' and put on competency proceedings!
  12. beameup

    beameup New commenter

    Blimey, do they let TAs near the bright children? They'll be giving them the vote next.
  13. I am a T.A teaching a subject. I do have GCSE maths and Eng but it wouldn't make any difference if I didn't. I also have NVQ3 and I am in my first year of doing a degree. However, two of the T.A s in the school are teaching subjects with no qualifications at all and I know one of them is struggling with the class. I love doing it and the kids enjoy it but I agree that we shouldn't do it. We don't really get a choice though and if we refused then we would be be on 'the hit list' when we get the next lot of redundancies.
    I honestly do not think that the parents know what is happening. My children are senior school and I would not like to think that they are taught by T.A. s.
    However, after saying all that. I have more control over the class than some teachers do and consequently every child in the room gets to be heard and not just the loud ones.
  14. Beamie, there are rumours that some actually do work with the bright kids! Apparently, it's a damn sight easier than working with SEN. ;)
  15. beamie

    what did i tell you, do not come to places that will upset you....now back home please!!!!!!

    apologies for the bad behaviour of all TAs.......

  16. beameup

    beameup New commenter

    Sorry guv, I knows me place really, 'onestly I dos!
  17. Ivy2, just because the TA is working from plans from the maths department doesn't mean she is unable to adjust them to address any issues that arise, in the same way as a teacher will adjust their own plans. A plan is a plan it is not a script and a lot of TAs have as good an idea of how to read and interpret them as a supply teacher coming blind into a classroom and left plans for the day
  18. sorry guys its called care in the community....they only let her out during her working hours....

    Beamie GET HOME NOW!!!!!!!!!!
  19. beameup

    beameup New commenter

    But I like it here. They are all Very Clever Folk, not like the peasants on the TA forums,
  20. that my dear is very true, but you need to get washed and have your hot choc...big day out tomorrow......

    come along now.......

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