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My daughter is being taught by a TA !

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by supplybychoice, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. It wasn't Oscar Wilde, it was George Bernard Shaw....

    ...just as well you're not a teacher.
  2. I am sorry but all of whether we were trained in 3 or 4 years we were all trained to be qualified teachers. We all worked hard to achieve this qualification. TA's were not trained to be teachers . They do an excellent job in their field and I am always pleased to have a good TA in the classoom with me but let the qualified teachers teach and give us a chance to do what we are trained for. In the long run the children will benefit and thats what matters.
  3. FaeTP....do you really want to go down this route?? You are asking for trouble!! '6 years teaching experience' 'don't need a degree' ...well why are you bothering to do one??

    You have worked in a profession that once was not a graduate one, but now it is and should be. Why? Because teaching needs people who have the ability to study a subject to a consistent high level. Again why? Because once you have done so, you will have a grounding in a subject, which gives you a springboard to understand how to manaage learning.

    Anyway, you already know this, but what shocks me , is that there are no controls over a school that gets away with non-teachers on long term teaching assignments.

    To crown it all you now dis the whole system and opt out altogether. Don't meet me in a dark alley!!!
  4. FaeTP ....'Specialised in Art Maths Science' etc.....really! What you call specialism is surely a joke!
  5. Wonderwoman1

    Wonderwoman1 New commenter


    You need to check with the Head of the school about the qualifications of the TA. She may be a trained teacher who for some reason has taken the job of a TA or has the HLTA qualification. I am a trained teacher but employed as a TA and as a HLTA and I have take the Year 5's in the past for literacy and numeracy. Although, because I sometimes do the odd bit of supply teaching at the same school I think most parents realise I am a qualified teacher.
  6. supplybychoice

    supplybychoice New commenter

    I asked the head for the qualifications of the TA and he didn't tell me.

    I don't care really. She is not a qualified teacher and that is what counts.
  7. To be honest, he doesn't have to provide you with any qualifications due to the way the current system is structured. You wouldn't go to a dentist and ask him for the qualifications of his dental nurse would you?

    I do however think that it is wrong for your daughter to be taught by a T.A. permanently. It is not the fault of the school but the fault of the government that allow this to be the case. I'm sure with your daugher being in year 6 the school wouldn't be giving her a ta as a teacher unless she was good because they wouldn't want bad SATS results.
  8. Over the past few years I have come across Classroom assistants/TAs who were also working as dinner ladies & school cleaners.

    I also know a TA who is a qualified teacher(but not QTS) who does not want the hassles.
  9. This could become more common. We are exploring the possibilty of an LSA covering PPA from September. I will be happy the TA in our school to do as she is fab and better than some supply teachers but on principle, it's a dangerous route for schools to be going down. TA's are paid a pittence and are not paid enough to be teachers and schools could exploit the situation.
  10. I have spoken to some TA's that do some teaching on a regular basis and not all are happy. They say they are not qualified for the job and feel they are being used to do it on the cheap.They also don't always have the choice but have to teach.
  11. bounceback

    bounceback Occasional commenter

    I have two friends who were teachers of 10+ years and became TAs as they found teaching too stressful. One of these regularly does cover and last year often had full weeks. So, in other words, she is teaching for half the pay she was on as a teacher. She has set hours as a TA, but if she has been teaching is expected to mark so often has to stay later. She then has to fit in any TA duties she should have done around this. ( Oh yes, as she is told, "It's for the good of the school").

    The education of our children is increasingly being done on the cheap. If a TA is expected to teach a class of children they should be paid accordingly. There is no money to pay those who do the teaching, but vast amounts of public money go to agencies and is wasted on failing academies such as the case of the Wakefield City Academy Trust.
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  12. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter


    What you describe is truly shocking. Your friend is being taken advantage of and I am upset to know there are many people being abused in this manner; especially as you say millions have been wasted on various other things. It isn't only the money in education that has been wasted, but money in all departments. There should be plenty enough money to pay for more teachers.
  13. bounceback

    bounceback Occasional commenter

    Yes, it's depressing. I was looking at the Company Overview of the last (rogue) agency that I worked for. This information is all available online. It was especially galling to see they have company cars and can offset the depreciation of these against tax. Just what the education budget is intended for!!
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  14. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Yes, some of agencies have millionaire directors.

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