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My daughter is being taught by a TA !

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by supplybychoice, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. supplybychoice

    supplybychoice New commenter

    I've just found out that my Year 5 daughter is being taught by a TA for maths.

    Does anyone have any advice on the best way to complain about this ?
  2. supplybychoice

    supplybychoice New commenter

    I've just found out that my Year 5 daughter is being taught by a TA for maths.

    Does anyone have any advice on the best way to complain about this ?
  3. shake_ya_thang

    shake_ya_thang New commenter


    Have you enquired as to whether the TA has got any qualifications in maths? It is quite possible that he/she has a degree in maths and that they are temporarily being employed as a maths instructor? Which btw, is perfectly acceptable and legal.

    Please don't jump to conclusions unless you are armed with all the evidence.

    ps. If you HAVE got evidence that the TA has no such qualifications, but have neglected to disclose that information on here (perhaps to be more polemic?) I do apologise.
  4. ukred

    ukred New commenter

    I would make a complaint to the Headteacher immediately. YOu are entitled to have a qualified teacher to teach your child...otherwise you could do it yourself at home.

  5. Shake-ya-thing...this TA. MIGHT have a degree in Maths or might not even have as much as a grade "E" GCSE....Might have some qualifications, might have some, might have none.

    That is not the point.

    The point is made by UKred.

    (Supplybychoice...why not ask to sit in on a lesson.
    Then decide what to do!)
  6. If there are parents with you of a similar mind, talk to a reputable national newspaper.

  7. So why not 'enquire' rather than complain? In primary its quite possible that the TA has a far higher maths qualification than the teacher who may only have GCSE grade C whereas as others have pointed out the TA could have a degree. It could be that the TA is giving the child extra maths tuition under the guidanceof the teacher, perhaps because they are particularly gifted or because they have special needs? Is it small group work, individual work, or whole class teaching? I would not jump to conclusions and complain, I would instead raise it as a concern.
  8. You could have a PhD in a mathmatical field and still be a terrible 'teacher'. I have an cousin who has an ASD and a first in maths - he rarely speaks. Just because someone has a maths qualification does not mean they can teach their subject.
  9. As Bored said this might be 'booster' work as in my school TA's are trained for booster lessons, ALS and ELS, and also worked with SEN giving support and working in small groups. Mind you you should really have been told that this was happening. So good advice is check first what is really going on.
  10. mandala this isn't someone who 'just has a maths qualification' it is TA. TAs have vast amounts of training and experience.
  11. I am a qualified teacher working as a TA so be careful.
  12. You can hardly say all TAs have vast amounts of experience. Most at my school left school at 16 and are recruited from the playground. The odd one may have a degree or equivelant but to say most do would be an exaggeration.
    They tend to work here when their kids are in reception and leave when the kids leave in year 6.
  13. The TA's in our Foundation Unit consist of two with degrees, one teacher, one NNEB - they haven't just come from the playground at all.
  14. ukred

    ukred New commenter

    The only relevant thing here is that you have the right to have your children taught by a qualified teacher. That is someone who is paid to to a teacher's job because they are qualified as a teacher...NO COMPROMISE.
  15. I totally agree with you UKRed but I don't agree with people making the assumption that TA's are without qualifications or they just 'come from the playground'.
  16. Some TA's have oodles of experience, some have very little. You can't generalise. I agree with ukred. Children have the right to be taught by a qualified teacher.
  17. I'm a TA who takes the year 6 more able group...........and awaits the onslaught....
  18. ukred much as I sympathise with your situation you are frankly talking nonsense here. You do not have to have a teaching qualification to teach in this country and that has been the case for many years, long before TAs or CS's existed! I have known many unqualified teachers some of whom are damn good, I have also known qualified teachers who are frankly pants.
  19. At the moment we still don't actually know whether this TA is teaching whole class maths or doing booster or some such, until we do it is hard to comment. Whilst I wouldn't think a TA doing all Y5 maths lessons was reasonable at all I would be quite happy to think that a TA was teaching booster, springboard or whatevber because they are under the supervision of a teacher, and will have been trained to do this.
    I have also worked with TA's who get such a lot of experience on the job and are able to deliver very good teaching, and in some cases better than teachers I have seen- good teaching is a skill that isn't totally reliant on having a degree. Before you all bite my head off 'tho I think that there is a real danger of bringing in TA's and loosing teachers who have trained to be teachers, and that is quite out of order. think of the poor TA's who are being exploited in this scenario.
  20. ukred

    ukred New commenter

    bored, thanks. BUt I was talking as a parent rather than a teacher. I believe that kids should be taught by a qualified teacher. That means someone paid as a teacher, doing a teacher's job.

    Anything less is open to abuse. I really don't see that what has happened in the past should continue....just because it happened! We should be moving on not backwards.

    Schools are run like companies, no, factories...churning out kids who could have done so much better. Are we expected to believe that that's a good thing?...because it was extremely cost effective?

    TAs should be for support. There has been a shortage of that in some of the schools I have been in. SEN kids NEED that support in class. I have worked with some highly qualified TAs....using their support skills with blind, deaf, EBD, MLD etc...learners. I admired them greatly and we all knew that our jobs were not interchangeable.

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