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My child is being teased by my former primary pupils in her new secondary school - advice?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by oogiemac, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. oogiemac

    oogiemac New commenter

    Hi all,

    I hope this is the right forum for my issue...

    In short, my child, who is about to start her 2nd year of secondary school, has been the subject of teasing from a small number of boys in her cohort that I taught when in Years 5 & 6 at my school.

    It isn't hard to guess that they were a difficult bunch of children, not without their issues, but they are saying things to my daughter that are hurting her feelings which obviously upsets me! They are saying I was horrible to them and calling me names to her that I couldn't repeat without having to censor.

    It is a real shame that those couple of boys feel that way, given how much hard work went into teaching them for 2 years, but my main concern is the welfare and happiness of my daughter. I was wondering if anybody else has experienced a similar situation or could offer some words of advice/wisdom. Any helpful comments would be much appreciated!
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi oogemac

    Sorry to hear of your dilemma but bullying in schools is a common problem and you are right in seeking advice to deal with it. Your daughter has a right to be happy in school and not to be subjected to teasing and listening to her mother being called names. It must be horrific for your daughter.

    You and your daughter have to be assertive - have a meeting with the Head of Year or any people in pastoral roles. Tell them what these boys have been saying to your daughter( the exact words), tell them it needs to stop or you will take it further. The parents of the boys need to also be involved so they can be involved in finding a resolution to this matter. Keep a record of the meeting of what was said and what actions people are going to take.

    If the boys see that you and your daughter won't back down, they will stop.

    You are supporting your daughter and hopefully she will continue to tell you when these incidents happen. The issue isn't you or your teaching - as you correctly pointed out the issue is your daughter's welfare. If this bullying is happening on school grounds, then the school has a responsibility to deal with it. The school should deal with it quickly and firmly - there is no excuse for students or teachers to have to live through hell at school.
  3. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    Take this to:

    1. The HT

    2. The form teacher

    Then- and this is the important bit- follow up. Let them know that you'll be following the progress of this problem. Ask them what they'll be doing to reduce it. Ask them for a time scale. Unfortunately, people often only act when they have to, and because this is your kid not theirs, you might have to apply a bit of pressure...

    Good luck


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