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My big fat gypsy wedding

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4046, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

    I am currently embroiled in a battle with several people on facebook about Swanley. Some of my friends felt that he was racist because he used the 'P' word. I have been defending him saying how though it is a bad word he didn't mean it in a derogatory term and he corrected himself. I'm an RE teacher and don't take racism or intolerance lightly but I really didn't feel he meant anything by it.
    Someone even went as far to say he must be in the BNP. As far as I was aware Nick Griffin wasn't overly fond of Travellers.
    Surely the title of the show was racist in that respect as it used the word Gypsy which is offensive to some in the Travelling community.

    I am glad to find some on here also thought Swanley was a nice enough guy; and let's face it, with a name like Swanley he needs some support!

    I loved Josie trying to sit on her chair in the wedding dress. It must be so uncomfortable walking, let alone sitting and eating. She looked like she was having trouble walking out of the church.
  2. Seadream

    Seadream New commenter

    I'm very intolerent of racism but he was making an observational comment "that's a *** wedding", not a derogatory one and he instantly said no, what is the correct term to use? Indians?
    I doubt he'd've been brought up in an environment that concerns itself with PC terminology but he still instantly knew that perhaps he'd use an incorrect term.
    I really did think he was a lovely chap - so keen to look after and do the right thing by his bride, telling her he loved her on camera, chosing the corrtct home for her... He was also very polite and friendly in his asking for directions.
  3. Going to watch tonight. Getting very confused with all this talk of Swanley as a person....as 'Swanley' is a place with a very high proportion of travellers.
  4. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Swanley is the groom. Maybe he was conceived there and named after the place like the Beckhams did? [​IMG]
  5. Hah - I wondered if he was born there and named after the place, Beckham-style!
    I thought he came across quite well as well. And I thought the girls were all very attractive, despite the ridiculous clothes and makeup!
  6. Beat me to it!
  7. I watched this last night and loved it. I did Anthropology at university and have always been fascinated by the way people live.
    I've had so many conversations with year 11s today about it; they were all fascinated by the culture and the dresses. They were also struggling to get their heads around the idea of getting ready to get married at their age.
    I did feel sorry for the blonde friend of Josie; why can't the lads just take no for an answer? One of the year 11s worried that something awful was happening to her, and wondered what would happen if a "grabbing" did go too far?
    Swanley was lovely, and although the girls were what I would call a bit "brash" they also seemed like nice, respectful girls.
    I'm looking forward to the rest of the series! It's fascinating and will come in useful for teaching rights of passage!
  8. Just watching this show now, and love it! Can't believe that little girls communion dress though, in some ways in does seem cruel in that she could hardly walk in it.
    I'm quite envious though about these magnificent dresses they have and Josie seems genuinely happy.
    Like others, i'm surprised at how much money they must have; and also wonder how they are able not to attend school.
    To me it also seems strange that for people with high values as they have said, that the girls go out in quite provocative outfits.
  9. Traveller families are entitled to a certain percentage of days off in a school year.
  10. Thanks pff - but one girl said she hadn't attended school since she was 11?
    Are they taught at home?
  11. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I guess they can because they have a culture of 'you can look but not touch'!
    The frocks were genuinely ridiculous looking though.
  12. If they are going to work in the traveller community then school is pretty irrelevent in the grand sheme of things.
  13. Have just started watching and already recognise some faces just from watching the 'introduction' to the series!
  14. Not in the local authority I was EWO in they weren't!
  15. Perhaps it was just the case in our LA then due to the significantly large number of children in the community who were travellers. My first class had 18 children and 15 were travellers.
  16. If you ever fancy seeing 'grabbing' in full swing then head to Bluewater on a Sunday evening!
  17. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Josie and Swanley did seem happy and well suited but does anyone remember the girl at the end of the original one-off. She was living in a house and had worked in an office, she married an uneducated lad from Ireland who she hardly knew. She didn't look at all happy as she went upstairs with him at the end, I could have wept for her.
  18. charlotte.johnson06

    charlotte.johnson06 New commenter

    I couldn't believe that Josie was the eldest of 9.. blimey!
    That must cost the family a fortune when they have to buy a first communion dress and wedding dress for each one as they come of age.
  19. Yes, I was thinking about her last night. She seemed quite distraught at the wedding - she'd never spent a night away from her parents had she? And she'd only met him a handful of times and didn't even know where they were going to be living. Was very sad!
  20. Seadream

    Seadream New commenter

    Her name was Joan - he turned into a rather unpleasant husband and they divorced 11 months later. She was heavily pregnant with their first child. Her parents took her back as apparently he made the final decision to divorce. She tried to call the wedding off 5 weeks before it took place but he begged her to carry on and said he'd 'improve'. (source - Daily Mail article as I google searched her to see what had happened to her as I'd always wondered too).

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