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My attempt to understand NQT/QTS/AO requirements.

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Elysium1982, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Elysium1982

    Elysium1982 New commenter

    Hey guys,

    I have recently obtained my PGCEi (which obviously didnt lead to QTS). I'd like change this through the AO route.

    I have found a reasonable one (https://www.sunderland.ac.uk/study/short-courses-cpd/assessment-only-route-qts/#fees-and-reqs), but I have so many questions.

    So, I am required to pass 2 GCSE exams (English and Maths). I am trying to find out where to take them, but I have failed to do so miserably. I can find general information, but not where and when I could take those exams. The getintoteaching teaching staff can't really give me any good information either. They just keep saying that I need those exams since my GCSE is from Hungary.

    Thank you.
  2. Mr-Mathematics

    Mr-Mathematics New commenter

    Go to NARIC website, get your qualifications verified and they will give equivalency to UK standard. They are the final word, if they say its equivalent to GCSE grade 4/5 in the UK then you can show that to university. But if they say not equivalent you have to redo them.
  3. Elysium1982

    Elysium1982 New commenter

    I have done that. Here is the thing: I didn't have to take English (simply because I learnt it outside of the school system. I did German) and Maths as part my final GCSE exams.
  4. Mr-Mathematics

    Mr-Mathematics New commenter

    You will most likely be required to GCSE English, you can do this at any external exam centers simply google Pearson external exam center or another exam board based on your preference. English is a stricter requirement as you must have taken it as a first language, from what you are describing you need to do GCSE English for sure.

    You have not clarified whether NARIC recognizes your GCSE Maths as equivalent if they don't you need to redo it as well. This can also be done at external exam centers.

    I can't put the website here, they will remove it google the Pearson external exam center
    Once you find the center near you on the Pearson website and simply call the center, they will advise when you can do exams. Most likely you will have to do them next June as this year is over and November exams are only for those who registered for June.
  5. hazellia

    hazellia New commenter

    Have you tried Edexcel? My friend had to get a GCSE in science while working as a teacher in Spain, so she could come and do her PGCE here in the UK, and she got an A+.
  6. Elysium1982

    Elysium1982 New commenter

    Yes. Thank you. I have already contacted one of the external exam centres. I did what Mr. Mathematics suggested and it was the 1st match of my search.

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