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My 4 year old isn't do well in school.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by DilysPrice, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. DilysPrice

    DilysPrice New commenter

    I don't know whether you're all going to laugh but my 4 year old hasn't had a good termly report- he's disinterested, lacks focus and often needs 1-1 support to complete tasks. I'm not sure what to do and know he's not technically a toddler but need some advice from other teacher/mummies. Is he just slow or has our new arrival upset him?
  2. Aaw Dilys. Didn't want to read and run although have no experience to add- just wanted to say he's FOUR. In which term was he born? The teachers need to find something to interest him- that's what the EYFS curriculum is all about and if I had a "disinterested" 4 year old I'd try and do something about it. Don't worry- I'm sure he'll pick up in a bit- I work in year 1 and have seen so many lights switching on in kids this term. It's amazing and as far as I can see, perfectly normal for this to happen now.
    Maybe ask the teachers if he's engaged in playing outside/ free choice/ if he has friends? If there is nothing he likes doing, then I might be concerned. If like many boys he LOVES the lego but hates being made to write, I wouldn't be too worried as of yet.
  3. DilysPrice

    DilysPrice New commenter

    Thank youI teach in the same school and now I'm off. I'm just finding it so hard to be objective.
  4. I totally agree with Clematis. Staff should be finding ways to engage him, even if it's him saying what it's like to be a big brother or doing a mini-project about babies - he'd be an expert then. Having worked in Reception for a few years, you really do see light bulbs coming on , as Clematis puts it, all throughout the year as things just click into place. Chdn mature at different rates, try not to worry x (easier said than done!)

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