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My 25th birthday - having a children's party theme!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Its my 25th birthday soon so im having some friends round, and have had a genius idea to have a children's themed party. I am going to have pass the parcel, party bags, a pinata and face painting! Sounds daft I know but we are a daft bunch! Im also going to buy some dungarees, put my hair in pig tails and play 80s cartoon theme tunes.
    Does anyone have any other ideas for me!?
  2. moose2

    moose2 New commenter

    Try growing up!
  3. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    Jelly and ice-cream :)
    Those "blower" thingies that quickly break [​IMG] << like this one.
  4. No ideas for you... but it sounds brilliant!!! I hope you have cheese hedgehogs and jelly and ice cream
  5. No ideas I'm afraid. Sounds like my idea of hell!
  6. Fancy dress a.k.a. twins from fun house/ turtles/ etc
  7. erp77

    erp77 New commenter

    Musical statues, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey ...
    Finsh fingers, chips and beans for tea.
  8. catherinaaa

    catherinaaa New commenter

    Pin the tail on the donkey! Musical statues and musical chairs, bumps as well. Loads of games you can do. Sounds like perfectly harmless fun, go for it and enjoy.
  9. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Balloon modelling?
  10. You're 25! I'm old enough to be your great great grandfather.
    When you want <u>everyone</u> to leave, play this:


    cyolba, still putting it about despite the wrinkles :)
  11. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    SOUNDS FAB! I wanted todo that for my 25th too but was manic in the middle of the PGCE. Hope you have a wonderful time x

  12. Pass the parcel...with forfeits - but more grown up ones?
  13. Leicester_Vics

    Leicester_Vics New commenter

    Hire a bouncy castle!
  14. Bouncy castle.
    Jelly. (With vodka.)
    (My 25th will be spent on a beach somewhere far away from England, seeing as it coincides with a school holiday- a rareity- it's happened only once before, way back in Primary.)
    Treasure hunt.
    Face painting.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    No alcohol then!
  16. There will definately be alcohol - its my birthday, im allowed to break the rules!!
    Great ideas :)
  17. Even the rules of spelling and grammar?

    cyolba, grumpy old git :)
  18. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Just make sure that everyone is picked up by their mums and dads before they get too tired and fractious - there might be hair pulling, tantrums, tears and bickering and you don't want that ruining your special day
    kibosh, crazy old bat who can't even remember her 25th birthday

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