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must-have outdoor resources?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Sarah C, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Our 3 year R classes have been told we have a 'sizeable' budget to spend in the next month on outdoor resources. What are your must-have resources? Any particular companies that you can recommend? We have some storage sheds, and need things that can be put away, or will stand up to the local kids/teenagers visiting regularly out of school hours!
  2. susbo

    susbo New commenter

    I recently bought a set of giant colourful plastic 'waffle blocks' for my reception outdoor area. 18 for just under £100 - seems costly but were such a hit I later bought a second set. They are used every minute of the day. I store them outside and are robust - they are used to build tables and chairs, boxes to put all sorts of things in, the children make tunnels and dens to play in - they even get trampled on. I think they were from either NES Arnold or TTS until I get hold of a catalogue I wont be able to be sure. If you wanted to leave your e-mail address I could send you a photo when I get in next week.
  3. Anything from Early Excellence; http://www.earlyexcellence.com/outdoor_play_range.html, not necessarily the cheapest but really fantastic!
  4. what do you already have - Not knowing I would suggest...
    Hollow blocks and more hollow blocks
    Gardening items and raised beds
    Sand area
    Water area including a tap and hose outside
  5. I would avoid plastic construction materials. I agree with the earlier posting about looking at Early Excellence but I would try and source some of the things from elsewhere. They might be cheaper.
    Definitely an outside tap,buckets, guttering,brushes and rollers a large digging area, wheelbarrows,a sand area big enough to get into,equipment for den making, outdoor role play and community play things blocks, small world play( early excellence has some large items ideal for outdoors, growing areas, different surfaces and gradients if the budget will stretch to that
  6. Thanks for the ideas. We have 2 raised gardening beds, a static piece of climbing equipment, assorted bikes and scooters, pushchairs, dressing up clothes, big hollow blocks, few space hoppers, chalk boards fixed to the building, sand and water trays that have to be lifted in and out.
    Part of the outside area is under a long shelter that runs along the length of the building. Of the rest some is grass and some tarmac. At the other side of the school grounds is a wooded area that I am keen to use more.
  7. An outside tap would make things much easier - will definitely put that on the list!
  8. Hi Sarah
    I work for TTS in the Early Years division and I know we have been recommended on this forum. We have a fabulous new range of outdoor equipment, send me an email, get in touch, I'm sure we can advise on just the right products to suit your needs!
  9. We have just put in order for £1000+ to TTS as we were really inspired by lots of the resources including climbing wall pannels, have spent another £900 on large sandpit with strong wooden lockable cover, and £500 on metal lockable storage for the children to have easy access to. Thanks for everyone's ideas. Can't wait to start using the equipment!
  10. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    That sounds brilliant but how much do you put out when it is wet? I seem to be forever lifting wet equipment in and out of a metal shed has the children have no accessable storage. Really stuggling to get good learning outside in the wet weather, my boys just charge around a very small area.

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