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musical suggestions

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by kelina, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. we are looking to put on a musical with our year 10 performing arts students. We have done Annie and the year 9s are doing Bugsy. They are a very able group but there are 27 girls and one boy. any suggestions would be greatly received. Thank you
  2. angelinascullina

    angelinascullina New commenter

    I am co-director of LUCKY BUCKET PRODUCTIONS and we provide schools and theatre groups with original musicals for performance. Please visit our website at www.luckybucket.co,uk to view some of our titles. We do have a fortcoming title ADORED: THE ROCK MUSICAL which is perfect for a cast of one boy and lots of girls - assuming your boy could carry the principal role. It is based on the story of Narcissus and all girls flock to worhsip and adore him, the music is really lively and the kids we premiered the show with LOVED the rocky score. Ideal for dance opportunities and so easy to stage! Feel free to have a look at our other material too. I hope we can help.
  3. angelinascullina

    angelinascullina New commenter

    Actually - thinking about this - we do have a musical based around the antics of scheming Nuns called BAD HABITS - could add extra humour if your boy is willing to play a Nun or even the sinister headmistress (Alistair Sim style). Also MY LIFE: THE MUSICAL can be done with one male performer. It is the story of an average New Yorker who is trapped in a musical, it references several Broadway shows and is simple to stage and a hit with audiences and cast alike! The lack of male performers is a common problem! Feel free to drop us an email at contact@luckybucket.co.uk if you would like to know more.
    All the best

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