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Musical futures

Discussion in 'Music' started by mrkeys, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    Not wanting to be unhelpful, but just what did your training cover?
    When I did MF many years ago we all experienced many different instruments.
    To go on a course and not know what to buy to actually implement it, seems odd to say the least!
    I trust you mentioned this in your evaluation.

    However, to be helpful...............

    I did spend a lot of money on the Roland handsonic drum units with the wave beam. Cannot remember what model. Also decent electric guitars and bass guitars. Additionally reliable amps, microphones stands and speakers are vital. I did have small roland digital hand held recording devices.
    Best items I ever bought about 15 years ago was small bass guitars and lead guitars. As far as I know they are still working.
    Good luck, .................. seems you need it................
  2. I thoroughly recommend the Roland Multi input amplifiers. It means you can have keyboard, microphone, guitar and bass all in one amp! Really good value and sturdy too!
    I've also found that ordering guitars etc that gear4music can't be beat on quality or price. Delivery is really quick too.
    Lots of CD players is a must....!
    The jam hub is excellent if you are short on space but is quite expensive.

    All the very best. Musical Futures transformed my department and the pupils musical experiences. I hope it goes well for you,

  3. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    I have 2 Roland KC amps. They are excellent, very sturdy, portable.
    Highly recommended.
  4. Hi and thank you!
    What type of prices would I be looking at for the Roland amp where you can plug various instruments in?
    I am excited about MF and hoping it will help increase uptake at KS4 - how do you feel it transformed your dept? What did you do first with a year 7 class? Thank you!
  5. dropje

    dropje New commenter

  6. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    Do seriously consider the Roland Handsonic drums.
    My comment about small guitars was to enable students of all ages and sizes to access playing in bands.
  7. I start year 7 with lots of workshopping, We compose songs as a whole class and look at all the elements of music in Context of that song. In year 8 I do band carousel and informal learning with other genres such as reggae, blues, minimalism and then in year 9 when they have the necessary instrumental skills and musical understanding we do in at the deep end, the project where they choose and copy their own music. It's all delivered via MF approaches, with lots of tasks that reinforce the practical set as homewok as we have to set every week! it's been great, I really enjoy it.
  8. Thanks everyone..
    what is the best price for the Roland Drum machines metioned earlier in this thread?
  9. Call Roland education and mention MF they may be able to do you a deal?
  10. Hi all,
    carried out my first MF inspired lesson with set one year 7 today and I feel it went very well. Very liberating, pupils learn much more rapidly, the pace is continually 'up tempo' and the sense of enjoyment was obvious - still a few pupils to work on! I trialled the warm ups and the playing on 'D' and improv today and just used xylophones, keyboards, drumkit (complete beginner), trumpets (both grade 1), chimes and violins.
    Most pupils were playing something they hadn't touched before and now recognise a host of words and cues that were not part of their vocab beforehand!
  11. Congratulations Nellypenell!

    I've been doing totally musical futures style across key stage 3 and 4 and it has worked fantastically well. Good luck on your musical futures journey!
  12. Thanks Andrewliv! Do you use Roland hand sonics? What is your average class size?
  13. Which year groups are you starting with? If going straight in with Y9 and they haven't done much like this before, you could ease them in with a band carousel model? Some great resources on this school's You Tube Channel. Make sure groups have access to a recording of the song. get them in friendship groups then each week they learn a different part aurally with video and worksheets to support until they can put it all together. Or get rid of desks and do some warm ups: games and then go into some rhythmic improvising, add in a drum beat, bass part on a single note (A or D good) then add in chords (Am, Dm) and that will probably be enough! Warm ups here: http://pinterest.com/musicalfutures/warm-ups/. Anyway I'm sure whatever you decide it will be fab! Look forward to updates!

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