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Musical Futures - Band Skills

Discussion in 'Music' started by jamestrumpet, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. jamestrumpet

    jamestrumpet New commenter



    Happy Holidays! Hope your all enjoying time off. Although it’s the start of
    the holidays, I'm quite embarrassed to be asking a work related question when
    the holidays have just started, and I’m sure you all want a break from school.

    I would like to develop band skills at my school, but only have two drum
    kits in the department. My worry is that not all pupils will be able to
    experience playing in the band consistently, due to the lack of resources.

    I have enough guitars for 4 – 5 bands within the class, and of course
    keyboards and mics too.

    I'm just after some advice from anyone who has taught band skills, and
    whether it would be possible to teach band skills, without the recommended 4
    drum kits/ electric drum kits which musical futures states?

    I've taught band skills at a training school whilst on my PGCE and it
    was fantastic, but the school was very affluent and had about 7 electric drum
    kits and 2 acoustic drum kits. Amazing!!

    Any advice from any teachers who have taught band skills with limited
    resources would be very encouraging and helpful.

    Enjoy the break and thanks in advance!

  2. I think only having the two will certainly make it more difficult, but not impossible. I heavily invested in drumkits before starting as I had the same problem. If you only have two drumkits what do the drummers do in the bands that don't have access? You could have them do keyboard percussion on the weeks they don't have access, but is that a meaningful and progressive experience?
    You could invest in some practice pad drumkits (they are about £59), not the best but better than nothing. I bought in some very cheap drumkits, a mirage kit that cost about £100 and some other ones from gear4music and they have met the purpose well. Depends really on what your budget is.
    Good luck with it. Musical futures transformed my school and department. The investment is worth it. Wishing you all the very best as you go forward

  3. Hi
    I am very excited about starting mf in sept and here is what I bought with £1100!
    3 Alesis percpads
    3 elec guitars
    3 bass guitars
    3 Alesis mixers
    3 8 input headphone box
    3 mic sets
    Other bits & pieces like drumsticks etc

    I have now moved all but 8 desks out of my room as with a lot of input from one of our technical peris, we have set up like 4 mini studio areas. They all have:
    Mic, keyboard, bass, guitar, mixer, drum pad and a 7 watt small Roland amp below the table to be used when I want the pupils to perform to the class. Otherwise, they will be composing/rehearsing in the style of a hamhub!

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