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Music Videos

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by dougleman, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone
    Have just completed a music video unit and uploaded just a few of the videos students have made at:
    I have quite large groups in yr12 (around 20 per group, this is in a 6 form) so the music video unit has been a challenge - especially given that I wanted everyone to do a different track! Have been thinking about how I might deliver this differently next year and already have a few ideas - any comments much appreciated, especially from anyone else teaching the L3 music video unit to such big groups.
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I've never taught 6th Form but used to attend Music Video showcases at the local 6th Form college to see what my ex-GCSE students had been up to, so I've seen a fair few Y12 Music Videos over the years. On your showcase page starting from top to bottom I think #4 is the stand out piece and #1 is a close second. I'm not mad keen on the items that use found footage (ie Paths of Glory) , but accept it may be legit to use them within the coursework guidelines. I think some of the other pieces have good ideas but the editing needs more pace - shots of instruments being played need more camera angles and faster cuts. However, if they've done no video work before Y12 then one has to allow for some beginners' errors.

    The big stereotypical no no items for 6th Form music videos in my humble opinion are:

    1. Person shown waking up after a drunken 6th Form party
    2. Driving a car late at night down the local motorway and speeding the video up
    3. Pretending the local forest park is some sort of remote wilderness
    4. Any/All Lip Synching
    5. Not bothering to plan the project at all then knocking up some **** at the last minute and pretending it's avant garde

    Anything else gets my vote if well executed ;-)
  3. They did a short prop based film at the beginning of the course but this was their first real attempt at working to a brief so I'm really pleased that they have all managed to develop their own ideas and produce a response. I think that there is a big difference between something being stereotypical and poorly executed - students do tend to use these production methods because they are actually conventional for music video production, especially lip synching: hardly any music videos are made using live performance. I agree with faster cuts and more camera angles - they were taught but students have to ultimately make their own decisions in the final cut!
  4. Hi Dougleman,

    I'm really impressed by the standard overall if this is pretty much their first or second outing with a video camera. The students will be aware of weakness in their productions.... it's the nature of any creative endeavour to see one's own work as not all that good, since they are comparing the actual end results with their original vision. The whole exercise will have taught them a lot. They'll look at real pop videos very differently after the experience, and continue to build their knowledge on the foundations you've given them.

    Regarding editing etc, one suggestion might be to have the students make an pre-vis edit first, using found images to represent the shots. ( www.compfight.com is a great tool for this... it allows you to search Flickr by keywords, and we use it a lot).

    The pre-vis helps them get the pace and feel right before they even touch a camera, and means when they do go out to shoot, they know exactly what they aiming to do.

    I'm new to this site (been lecturing in visual effects at Uni for all of 7 weeks and this is my first post) but I've worked on a couple of videos professionally ( lowish budget, 5 grand affairs) and would be happy to send you an example of what I'm talking about, along with the final result.. just PM me if you like, or if we don't have private messages on this site I can set up a temporary email address I can post openly to the forum.
  5. Magic surf bus- are you suggesting that students should not do lip synching?
    What is the problem here? Surely it is conventional? I find the videos that try to 'tell a story' are usually the poor ones (and usually have the waking up after a party/pretending its avant garde problem).


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