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music technology yr 9

Discussion in 'Music' started by gliss, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. gliss

    gliss New commenter

    I have my last group doing music tech, I see them for 1 lesson per wk - we are currently doing a unit on music approptiate to a short 90 min video clip - none of this group has opted for music. Any suggestions as on what to do with them to keep them going and enthusiatic!!!!
  2. LennoxBerkeley

    LennoxBerkeley New commenter

    I'm not sure whether a 90 min clip really gives them enough to get their teeth into at Y9. I'd suggest at least a good 3-4 hours. This should give them the opportunity to develop their ideas more fully.
  3. As it is teaching anything, but especially Music Tech, the teaching really depends on the resources. Do you have computer based sequencer and an audio interface?

  4. gliss

    gliss New commenter

    We have cubase essentials 5 and sibelius - my issue with cubase is that I don't seem to be able or have the knowledge to mixdown the audio track with the video - in sonar 4 this was a relatively simple process and the end result was a windows media video with the music that pupils have composed - they then popped it onto a pen drive and took it home to show their proud parents. Unfortunately we no longer have Sonar :( Once we get to the end of this unit - music to film, any other suggestions would be great. I would really love some help on getting them to use the piano roll.

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