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Music Technology - special focus styles

Discussion in 'Music' started by htafc4life, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Withregards to latest Edexcel syllabus for Music Tech, we are having some issues with how to go about teaching the Special Focus Styles section of the listening and appraising paper. Can anyone share their ideas of how they are going about teaching this part?

    I'll give you an EG of how I'm teaching mine...

    Start off with picking 3 artist and suggesting two points for each with reference to their style, importance and their contribution to their respective genre.

    Picking a song from any artist from the recommended listening list, and analysing a short part of it...identifying effects, locating instrument in the stereo field, suggesting mic set ups for a recording, describing production features, identifying musical styles.

    Another thing we do is get the students to recreate one of the tracks from the recommended listening list.

    Any further ideas would be really appreciated.

  2. pianomania

    pianomania New commenter

    JUst don't over do it - have a look at past papers to see the context of the questions - I'm surprised you have this much time what with controlled coursework conditions and the demand of 60 hours!
  3. hello, I will be studing the history/development of each genre (using lots of useful youtube clips, the classroom music magazine handout and pop music:the text book) and then lots of listening and example questions. Not very interactive - but not much time left!!

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