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Music technology for KS3 kids

Discussion in 'Music' started by erwanseznec, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Just wondered, as I've recently put in a bid to SLT for a general use computer suite to be converted into a music tech suite, how many music depts across the country can genuinely provide music tech learning for ks3 classes in a dedicated computer room, with a ratio of not less than 1 computer music workstation to 2 students. Any feedback on this gratefully received, whether for use as persuasive argument, or to reassure me that it's ok to make do as we have been. Thanks in advance
  2. Anyone?
  3. I work at a split site school so its a little different for us. At lower school we have years 7 and 8. The music block is small but we do have access to 25 ipads and a bookable computer room. At upper school years 9-13 we have a dedicated mac suite in the music block. We have 20 machines running Sibelius, Reason 5 and of course garageband. We also have a recording studio using pro tools. Hope that helps! cheers, yarrow.
  4. 7 years of Christmas concerts income and we have 22 laptops with Sequel LE on them. Using them at the moment with KS3 and working brilliantly.Sequel LE for unlimited set ups is about £140. :)
  5. Thanks guys, your input much appreciated. I guess I need to try another way - I would like to know if you are 2 lucky ones, or if this the expectation and the normal thing in most schools. Unless I get 30 000 responses it's going to be difficult to say though I spose...
  6. thanks for your input - are you 2 lucky ones though, or is this the normal thing in most schools?
  7. I have 15 PCs running Sonar - Cakework, Sibelius and Dance ejay, which is enough for 1 between 2 and I'm hopefully about to upgrade my software. My previous school had 2 rooms with computers (one for KS3 and one for GCSE and Sixth form) I know all the schools in my area have some sort of computer suite specifically for music.
  8. I have 15 Macs in the main music classroom that are used by all year groups and 5 more macs in a large practice room known as the mac room. We do not make any use of the school PCs or the school's bookable computer rooms.

    We use garage band and Sibelius

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