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music technology coursework help

Discussion in 'Music' started by murphy01, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hi, two years running now we have had poor coursework results and I dont really know why. I expected them to be C's and instead they are getting E's!. I was always spot on with the old spec. My collegue has attended two courses and also does not understand why the marks are so low. We are getting remarks....
    Anyway, is there anyone out there that could help. Perhaps with samplar work or just an opinion as to what the exam board are looking for (Edexcel)!!
  2. We use Edexcel. The work we submitted was outstanding! Four people checked it - myself, HOD, a current Edexcel examiner and a gentleman who does tech work for BBC. They should have easily all been A's. However, nothing higher than a C! I am worried what they expect from the kids as that work sounded professional. I completely agree that we need specimen examples of grades for the coursework. The exam is so wide too - I think it needs reworking somehow as I feel the course is too heavy for AS and A level. You can sift through youtube by the way - some students have uploaded their work on there in previous years saying what grade they got for it.
  3. Thanks for your comments. I am sorry to hear that your results were not what you expected, but it is nice to hear that I am not the only one that is really confused with what the exam board require!.
    Will try youtube!
  4. pauljoecoe

    pauljoecoe New commenter

  5. I completely agree. We've had exactly the same experiece. This year we took in all of our students' coursework and marked this over the Easter holiday internally before sending off to the exam board : My colleague is a current AS music technology examiner and examined this year receiving all of the examiner training etc, I am a past Senior examiner for Music Technology and marked with Edexcel for about four years and have over 10 years experience of teaching music technology A level. We used the mark scheme and were, to say the least, fairly harsh with the marks we awarded.
    When we received our marks back from the exam board in August we were shocked - several that we expected to achieve C's or even A/B's came out with two or three grades lower. Some were clearly incorrect - one student who particulary hard and was clearly a B grade student received an E grade ! We sent 5 back to remarked hoping that the exam board would get it right seond time around but again the marks came back way out. To say the least we are furious and are thinking about how we can drop or move away from Edexcel. It's such a shame that there are no other exam boards that run A level music technology. I think that the something is still going horribly wrong with standardisation process and it seems that the issues which nearly caused the subject to be dropped by QCA a few years ago have not been ironed out. I will be writing a letter to the exam board and to QCA to complain !
  6. Just saw the breakdown of my results on Results Plus. We had a boy who did "Echo Beach". The other boys on the course thought it was near perfect. I thought it was near perfect. The mix was quite good. Mastering was fairly simple, but the track sounded great. This boy would listen to the other students' work and constantly notice a missing snare hit, a wrong note. He knew the track REALLY well. The singing and guitar (the two live tracks) were spot on.

    He got 26/40!!!

    I am totally confused.

    As a cohort, the boy who got the top mark for his coursework was, we thought, the 3rd best. A very good multi-track got 27/40. Some other work I don't consider as strong got higher marks.

    This is two years straight that the results have baffled me. I went on a course last year with Lloyd (can't remember his surname) who heads Unit 4 (the exam). I tried to take what wisdom I could (don't record electric guitars or drum kits, keep it simple, focus on BOTH the music and technology). The results ARE better this year, but still.

    I'd love to hear the best Echo Beach. I don't think there are 14 points to improve on my students work. The original isn't 14 points better...
  7. pauljoecoe

    pauljoecoe New commenter

    From your comments here it sounds as if you are focussing on the musical accurcy. The tasks is about recording and producing skillsnot the quality of the musicianship. You say 'The mix was quite good' This is the core of the task. It needs ot be more than 'quite good' to get a high grade.

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