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Music teacher in SE12 London needed

Discussion in 'Music' started by MTomaskova, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. MTomaskova

    MTomaskova New commenter

    I am going on maternity and not coming back after half term. Looking for a music teacher lovely private school in SE12, London 10 min bus from Lewisham in Lee. Most OF the students have mild special needs. Some very musical. This year A level and Btec course, then primary and secondary. Very good work and life balance - small classes. Pm for more details. Tomaskova.magdalena2010@gmail.com

    PAGOLJAAN5 New commenter

    Hello, is this role still going? I used to live in SE12, loved that area been Music teacher for 10 years taught all age ranges and abilities. If you still need someone to cover you, I could happily do this well.

    Kind regards,


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