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Music/Songs for Business Studies

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by megerton, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Bumping this section.
    I've just used Celine Dion singing 'All by myself' to get students to think about the drawbacks of being a sole trader. Worked well.
    Used 'Money, Money, Money' from Cabaret to start a Finance (CeFS) course. Wen[​IMG]t down brillianty with one group and sank like a stone with some in another. HeiHo, can never win.

  2. HOw about "it takes two baby" for the move to a partnership?![​IMG]
  3. Nice one,like it.
    Any suggestions for Location? I thought of 'Ain't no mountain high enough'. Any other offers?
  4. What about The Proclaimers - Letter from America

    A wee bit of how employment skills migration can affect the economy.
    Or the effects of the downturn on businesses and communities.
    Or looking at the changing face of Scottish Workforce Skills

    Loved some of the other songs - now going to look at ways to incorporate them into my lessons!
  5. I really like this one for anything to do with customer services, marketing or product/service quality. I pitch it as 'The most successful ever customer complaint'.
    Nearly 10 million hits on YouTube - 'United Break Guitars'

  6. Just used 'United break guitars' for Customer service. Went down well.
    Also just used Pavarotti singing 'Celeste Aida' for no other good reason than it has AIDA in the title and links to promotion. Took the class back a bit bit they remembered AIDA and were able then to apply to the Product Life Cycle.
    Good site for films is BBS Learning Zone. Had some fab one from there - robotics, distribution, profit, production, etc
    BBC Bitesize also has some really good films which can be used from Yr 9 and still be used for Yr 12.
    Finally Teachers TV have some good ones too..[​IMG]
  7. Sorry, BBC Learning zone not BBS.
  8. Inflation, unemployment, downturn in the local economy. Lots of themes in this one.

  9. I had to ask my students to forgive me for singing this. Perhaps it can help your students remember some of the issues to do with Break Even... I completely destroyed the Script song!

  10. Not able to get the link for the above. Any chance for more details?

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