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Music prefects

Discussion in 'Music' started by Nellypenell, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I am wanting to recruit a small team of ks3/4 music prefects to carry out subject specific duties. Do any of you already have something similar in place?
  2. Thanks a great idea!!!!! :0)
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    I used to have a group who would make sure all of the percussion instruments were tidy and in the correct place.
    I also used to have the more able come to the junior orchestra to sit with and help the younger or less able pupils in rehearsals.
  4. Thank you all. Do any of you identify them by badge or any special tie etc?
  5. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    I love the idea of training up the orchestral librarians and choir secretaries of the future.
  6. I worked at one school where, sadly, prefects were needed to guard the department to keep out the disruptive vandalising riffraff during extra-curricular lunch time clubs and so forth. Training the bouncers of the future? [​IMG]
  7. @Xantha - in my last school the disruptive vandelising rifraf was the head, and the prefects were no match for her.

    @Gassman - I so enjoyed your post with its orchestras in the plural and its copies of scores for the choir(s). However having almost killed myself organizing the concerts this term I think I need to have more student involvement.
  8. I have a team of music student leaders -carefully selected KS3/4 students. They supervise the practice rooms for me at lunch, they did all the publicity for the last concert including designing the posters, tickets and putting the posters up around the school, advertising in assemblies, going round tutor bases promoting the concert organising programme sellers and front of house, and will be doing the same for the performance events next term. My year 11 student leaders even did some of the auditions for me (the ones whose judgement I trusted!) and I've even now got a couple of the year 9 student leaders leading a year 7 singing group (when you are a one-person department it makes life so much easier.) In return, they get to help me spend the money raised from the concerts - I normally keep some that I need for music etc., but give them a small amount to spend sensibly and they were fab at discussing and pricing out/budgeting for what they wanted and making sure that as many students as possible would benefit from it. It's definitely worth doing especially if you are on your own or in a small department.

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