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Music PGCE interview at Greenwich

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Kennedy84, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    According to GTTR Track I've got an interview at Greenwich on 19th January for the Secondary Music PGCE course, but I haven't had a letter from them yet (presumably due to the season) so I don't know what will be expected of me. I can guess what might be involved but I was hoping someone on here might be able to give me some advice?

    What I assume will happen:

    Some kind of individual interview, probably discussing why I want to teach, why I applied to Greenwich, what experience I have working with children, that sort of thing, and possible some music knowledge, or knowledge of current issues in the sector.

    Some sort of group work?

    Performance on my main instrument (piano), although I'm not sure to what level. I have grade 8, so would probably choose something at that level or above anyway.

    Sight reading (I would expect to around grade 6 standard as I believe that is the level you are tested on if you do the teaching dipABRSM)

    Aural tests...

    If anyone has been to an interview at Greenwich or anywhere, and can give some help that would be really great! I'm really nervous as I really didn't expect to get an interview from my first choice, and it's really soon!

    Thanks very much
  2. Also, I have done some extensive Google searching to see if there is any information already out there, but I couldn't find anything recent.
  3. Thanks Chloe, that's really helpful.
    I'm going to give them a call this week to check the date and time, and see what information they can give me over the phone.
  4. No problem, good luck!

    She also had to do a group task and a written task on the national curriculum, so hope that helps you more!

  5. Thanks for your help guys, unfortunately didn't get a place. I have an interview at the Institute on Friday though, so fingers crossed!

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