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Music of the Week

Discussion in 'Primary' started by paris0504, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. This year, I would like to do music of the week with my class. They are going to be coming in first thing in the morning this year to do an early morning job. I would therefore like to have a song in the background each week which the children listen to and to help keep the noise level down and the classroom calm.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? or does anyone already do this who would like to share some ideas?


  2. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    I like this idea - perhaps you could start with Debussy? They might recognise Clair de Lune (sp?) from Twilight! It's also quite relaxing, I find.
    Will be interested to hear others' suggestions :)
  3. I was thinking of doing something like that this year too. I was planning to do it when they come in from lunch when they are all fractious and irritable to help them to calm down and focus. I hate that time of all whinning about who did what to whom in the playground. I am going to use different genres throughout the year to broaden their minds. I thought I would have the music on when they come in from lunch, putting on the board what it is and who it is by, and get them to settle down doing handwriting practise while I do the register. Was also going to have a "worry box" by the door so that if something has really bothered them at lunchtime they can write it down and put it in the box, getting it out of their system, and I can look at it when I get a moment later in the afternoon or after school. I have no idea if this is going to work but I thought I would give it a go.
  4. We do composer of the month amonst the whole school. Play their tunes in assembly and teachers can use it in their classes if they wish to. It's getting a bit dry now though, could use some fresh ideas for the Autumn term.....!!
  5. I LOVE all of these ideas Islanderwendy! It's times like this I love TES forums for getting such fab ideas! :) Thank you.

  6. There is a powerpoint of exactly this and I think I got it from TES or primary resources websites. Have a look and I will too and try to get bcak to you

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