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Music medim term planning

Discussion in 'Music' started by mr_free_sat, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Was just wondering if anyone had ideas n what I could do for the summer term. I have some Olympic activities however struggling a little bit to think of activities a SEN group will enjoy without losing concentration
  2. Surely you don't plan 'activities for your students? This implies you are just trying to fill up the time. I can't help feeling that that this approach might be the cause of the lack of interest that you fear. On the other hand, if you plan 'learning and have clear ideas about 'progress and how students and yourself will know that this has happened. Your post is entitled medium term planning however, was the any long term planning first?

    I don't feel able to just chuck out a few activities for you, these would be meaningless without knowing the context of what the students have already achieved and where you want them to end up - even send kids.

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