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Music Medals in KS3

Discussion in 'Music' started by qu1annie, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I'm thinking about trialling a new scheme of work with year 7 using the Associated Board Music Medals - essentially teaching them to play the keyboard in a similar way to the wider opps (have done some observation and seen teaching materials from my local music service) and then offering them the opportunity to enter for the most appropriate medal in the summer term - they would probably have to attend an after-school club as well, but I think that most of the students who will be complete beginners could achieve copper. Has anyone done this with secondary? I'm in a school of very few instrumentalists and money is tight so I've got an eye on my future GCSE intake. I've got quite a few of the books and I'm about to start creating and developing resources. (I'm aware that I may have some pianists/students who read music etc. and will differentiate accordingly.)
    I did a quick search on here and there are several threads saying people were thinking about it, but I would be really interested to hear from anyone who has actually tried it and how successful it was.
  2. I teach in a prep school so not KS3 but all pupils learn the recorder and do music medals. My better Y3s have done Copper by the end of the year. They love it!
    The instrumental teachers also do music medals instead of or as well as AB or TG exams and pupils (and their parents) choose what they do.
    At the end of year 6 everyone can read music to a certain extent, they can play pieces to a reasonable standard and most are willing to give improvisation a try. Those who have not chosen to take up an instrument are well informed as to what is necessary to do well if they do chose to start in their new school.
    I have looked at the keyboard stuff and my piano teacher has enterred some pupils for their Copper music medal.

    Good luck
  3. Hi
    We run a keyboard scheme after Christmas which leads to them taking music medals. It works really well but it helps if you do an enrichment club to rehearse the ensemble pieces. I have lots of powerpoints which are for this 1/2 term scheme if you want them.
    Out of my 3 Y7 classes last year I did only enter about 5 but that's because we can struggle to get them to enrichment keyboard club - it's on a Friday night as it's the only time we can fit it on and can't do anything in the lunchtimes due to split lunch and only 30 minutes long.
    If you are going to do it - you will need to register etc - all on their website.
    Go for it and good luck.
  4. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but I am also planning on doing this and would be really grateful for any powerpoints you might have.
    My email is berksmusic3@aol.com
  5. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    Ooh, lovely, this sounds like just the sort of thing to motivate my KS3 students (currently we have no KS4 and I'm struggling to get the enthusiasm up without the visible attraction of a potential exam at the end of it).
    Would also be keen to hear how it goes, and would be happy to share planning!

  6. I have added all of my powerpoints, overview of the scheme of work, all student worksheets etc on here:

    The only things I didn't put on here were the actual music and the lesson plans as I haven't managed to update them.
    It's a bit old fashioned in some ways - teaching keyboard skills but it's the only topic I do this in and also does lead to the music medal. Lots of differentiation needed too - some will already play kb and others will obviously be rubbish! (use some as your deputy teacher to help, use different music for some leading to a higher music medal grade etc etc)
    Enjoy - please leave comments
  7. Great - thanks. Enjoy

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