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Music Jobs Situation

Discussion in 'Music' started by pabloed55, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone

    I am posting this on behalf of my wife - it should maybe in the careers section but I though I would try here first.

    Basically i am trying to ascertain what the situation is with regards to the availability of Music Teaching jobs in the north-West and how hard they are to get.

    My wife and myself are looking at relocating to the North-West as I am looking to change my career. My wife is an Instrumental Music Tutor and has been for the last 8 years - she has her BMus, MMus from a Music Conservatoire and her PGCE/QTS. She has got all the experience you would expect with large and small group teaching, ensembles, orchestras etc etc.

    However, if we are moving to the NW then she would like to enter the formal classroom environment - would her current skills and experience be valued by schools or does it pretty much depend on the school/principal? She is currently on approximately UPS1 (maybe slightly more).

    The reason I am asking is that from having read some of the posts in the forums there seems to be an awful lot of teachers who can't get jobs (we're not based on the mainland) and that whilst I have a job offer to relocate to the NW for next September, if she would find it difficult to either come across an available job in this area, or get an offer that valued her skills, I could maybe look in the south-east instead where the opportunities for her are perhaps greater.

    Appreciate peoples' honest thoughts

  2. Firstly - are you using the TES Jobs pages and especially the automated searches for any jobs coming up in the region you are looking for? When I relocated to the West Midlands I had four or five different searches running - returning different types of Jobs in different locations via email.
    Secondly - the North-West is a very large area - do you have an idea of where you want to be? Are you looking in the major cities - Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, towns such as Carlisle or the rural areas such as the Lake district? Your chances will vary depending on what part of the NW you are looking at. I expect the cities will have the most vacancies.
    Thirdly - the time for the most Job advertisements tend to be towards the end of March through Arpil and May as schools find out who is leaving at the end of September. One way of getting a foot in the door, however,might be to spot a maternity cover or temporary appointment.
    Finally, with many schools starting to feel under preassure to deliver the English Bacc and also starting to realise that they can get away with less music provision there are a number of Heads who are cutting music staff. This is seen as a soft option for saving money. This has happened in two schools within a 7 miles of where I work already. One has cut music back to almost nothing while another has shed a PT staff member.
    Also, do not expect that, becuase your wife has mangement points now, that she will get them in a new post - many music posts, even those were staff are called "head of department" often come without responsibility points. You can't take them with you.
    The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to get those automatic searches set up.
  3. I can't comment on the NW, but I'm in SE and the job situation isn't great here either. Not many vacancies and lots of people applying. London may be different, but out here in the home counties it's tough. As to whether a school/head would value her experience - probably if they are forward looking, but in a state school they would want experience of GCSE/A-Level music so if she doesn't have any experience in that it would be worth reading up on GCSE/A-Level specs and maybe getting some observation in.
    However I do know that some of the music services round here do struggle to get quality staff especially those with experience of wider opportunities and they frequently advertise every year. I know that isn't what she's looking for, but it could provide a good stop gap and also she'd become familiar with local schools, best way of getting a job is sometimes word of mouth.
  4. Hi All

    Thanks for the replies. I am familiar with the NW having lived there before and we are probably looking as far south as Crewe, as North as Preston and then over as far as Greater Manchester. I will be based in Liverpool so somewhere in that vicinity would be ideal.

    She doesn't have management points as she is on an Instrumental Tutor scale. What I am trying to do is get an idea of the actual job situation for Music as there seems to be a lot of debate about it, and whether I would be better off trying to find work in Greater London, as there seem to be more opportunities there, though also more competition obviously. We have the alerts and everything set up on here, and are also looking at the Talent Bank section to see if it is worth doing.

    Any further advice much appreciated.

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