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music ipad apps for SEN

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by donut gal, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Hi we are going to have use of ipads soon and would like to know if anyone has any music apps that they would recommend for primary SEN. ALso if there is anyone prepared to share their advice regarding using them for music in such a setting I would be really valuable. many thanks DG
  2. gwallawg

    gwallawg New commenter

    For SLD try aquasonic, thicket, squiggle and soundprism for easy touch composing. Falling stars too. There plenty of instrument apps like drums and pianos. Madpad and vidrhythm for easy group compositions too. Just handed them all to our music co ordinator to check out too.
  3. gwallawg

    gwallawg New commenter

  4. I have made a xylophone app for this sort of age range and ability! It's totally free and has no ads in for them to indadvertedly press on and hinder them! Check out www.MrWakeling.com and go to the apps section :)

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