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Music Homework - I need inspiration

Discussion in 'Music' started by dropje, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    This is a dilemma. My colleague asks students to research something and talk about it the next lesson. However, this means the lesson starts with a lengthy discussion and not practical music. I have issues with this, regardless of school policy but SLT need to be kept happy. 10-15 minutes of the lesson is lost on talking about music and not doing it.
    I get students to take lesson materials home to learn kb or guitar chords, learn lyrics, website revision, structure a performance, set targets for next week.

    What's your preferred hw?
  2. Ah, this old debate again! Where music is concerned, it has been verified to me by a Music Ofsted Inspector that rehearsing an instrument, looking at songs on youtube, learning lyrics, finding and printing tabs/notation all fit in with homework as they are informing the next lesson and extending/consolidating learning.
  3. If they're writing a song, research lyrics, create a mind map, design a CD cover (not so great!)
    Otherwise I have done previously: research 5 facts about (country of music we are studying, industry, etc.) and do a quick fire sesh at beginning of next lesson; write down 5 sentences that you know about the music we have studied so far. Also we set extended writing projects, which take 2 weeks homework. Have also asked students to revise key words for a vocabulary test.
    I try to review this homework as much as I can via marking - this means the marking load is insane, but we are trying to meet school policy and maximising as much time as possible for music-making. I don't think I could ever set rehearsal homework, as many of the students don't have outside access to instruments.
    If I had time, I could organise a theory booklet.
  4. I use the VLE to set listening tasks. Get hold of a clip (any mp3 will do) - cut it to a small section using Audacity (thus avoiding any copyright issues, as it's only a small section), set a quiz asking questions about the music (time consuming but you only have to do it once). You can see straight away who has and hasn't done it, and it even marks it for you! Brilliant!
  5. casper

    casper New commenter

    Ok I teach all ks3, I cannot possibly mark that much weekly homework and run a department.
  6. Have a look at a website called yacapaca it has some home works already set up ( they are not great), but you can create your own- students complete them and the website does the marking for you. Have the link to the homework on your mle. Hope it helps.
  7. There's a simple answer to this. I say NO to research projects at KS3, I say NO to anything that doesn't help them progresss, I say NO to anything that isn't meaningful, I say NO to anything that I can't mark quickly (After all if we expect them to do it then it's only fair it's marked with the same respect), I say NO to anything that is not linked to what we are doing in class.

    Therefore, my homework normally consists of listening to something on youtube. That way, no marking, no having to chase up who hasn't done it and it frees me up to what i do best in the 50 minutes I see them.... make music!

    I suggest you checkout my resource with the summary points on the latest Ofsted report... that should shut your SLT up!
  8. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    Yacapaca - great! HAve already signed my yr11's up!
    Numu - will also set this properly.
    youtube - what would we do without it
    And of course, practising!

    Good Stuff folks!!

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