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Music has no chance of being in the next National Curriculum

Discussion in 'Music' started by loree, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. I attended the Sounds of Intent consultation meeting for a new SEN Music Framework and we also discussed this. See below:
    Click here:
    for a summary of the submission that NAME will be making to the National

    Curriculum Review. This has been developed in consultation with over
    NAME members as well as experts in the international community of music

    education. It has also been discussed with other bodies, including MEC
    FMS, and represents a broad consensus of views across the music

    Please act on this in two ways:

    1) Forward this email to other music teachers known to you. Many
    we have found, are not aware that this review is taking place and that
    it has
    a bearing on the continued presence of music in the National Curriculum.

    2) Consider making your own submission to the National Curriculum
    Review to
    reinforce NAME's position from your own perspective. You can access the

    submission from here:
    . The deadline for
    submissions is Thursday14 April.

    The focus at this stage in the government's consultation is to establish
    subjects that should be in the new National Curriculum. The purpose of
    submissions should be to secure the place of music (details on the
    nature of
    the curriculum can follow in the next stage).

    A big thank-you to all those who have already taken the time to respond
    NAME's consultation. Now is the time to build on this effort and make
    case to Government for music as a vital element in a broad and balanced


    James Garnett
    NAME Vice-Chair
  2. Great advice James. Good luck with your campaigning.
  3. Sorry I was just copying and pasting (badly!) what I had been sent. I'm not James!

    Everyone should respond to this though so we can help save our subject and provide our views.

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