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Music department 'budget'? Up, down or the same?

Discussion in 'Music' started by jonsavage, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. What's your music department budget for one year?

    Has it gone up, down or remained the same over the last 3 years?

    Can you supplement it with income from elsewhere (concerts, etc)?

  2. My budget, minus staffing costs, VAT etc, is about 6K. We raise a considerable amount on top of that from concerts, gigs and outsourcing our teaching. Our budget, rather miraculously, has stayed the same as it was last year and we've seen a healthy increase in funds over the last 4/5 years.
    This is for a FE setting so I count myself, my staff, and my students very lucky in this climate.
  3. Subject budgets in my school are calculated according to the number of pupil hours you teach so I already get a small budget even though the things I need to purchase are costly compared to some other subjects. As I will have no group from the current options choices and my time is being slashed to less than a hour a week in KS3 I expect my already over stretched budget to be even smaller plus we have been told budgets will be cut due to general financial cuts. There is usually the chance to bid for extra money part way through the year for special purchase linked to specific initiatives but again this depends on how many pupils it will impact and what the end result will be. MOney from Concerts etc goes back into the fund that supports things like school shows/musicals etc. I expect that next year I will only have sufficient £ to purchase basic paper requirements, photocopying and some replacement headphones and power packs to keep the keyboards running.
  4. Mine has increased as I've been awarded all my additional bids. I get a certain amount for day to day stuff, another amount to subsidise instrumental lessons and then I can bid for more money on top of that for large items like instruments/keyboards etc. Over the past 3 years that has amounted to nearly £15k invested in the department and that doesn't count new computers as that came out of a different budget. I consider myself very lucky as my head and SLT are very supportive of music.
  5. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

    Is this part of some more research - or related to any of the NC issues around currently? Would be most useful to have details from other posters of size of establishment, option group numbers etc. School of 800, 49 GCSE students, 22 A-level students. I feel I am well supported but financially much is tied to student group numbers - in general the last three years have seen a 'cost-of-living' type increase. Have a Capitation account, 'Extension' fund which can be used to buy in additional coaching or the odd instrument for ensemble use and a Concerts fund. First two together are approx 2.5K / year, Concerts varies and is not usually used to subsidise classroom work but vital when buying music for several ensembles. Can bid for additional funding for special projects or equipment. Recent extension to the Department has meant a major capital input from the school.
  6. pianomania

    pianomania New commenter

    Ours has stayed same for about last 8 years - 3.5K. Concert monies and shows go to a seperate fund to buy things required for concerts - music, eqpt - FMSIS rules that public funds cannot cross over into the accounts of the school.
    Bids for extra projects comes in at an extra 1-1.5k PA.
    Basic cap. is calculated using Krones management formula for funding - weighting of subjects and numbers taught got number of hours per week.
    Unfortunately music is not on the same footing as technology so we don't get so much!
  7. Mrs Music

    Mrs Music New commenter

    Our school only has students at KS4 and KS5. My department budget has increased from £500 three years ago to £770 last year. I have 70 students doing GCSE and 12 doing A level. The budget basically covers photocopying, tuning of the pianos once a year, maintenance of other instruments, strings, stationary etc. We do a fundraising concert once every half term which we use to purchase new instruments and music for the ensembles. I was successful last year in my bid for music from the curriculum development fund to buy a whole new set of textbooks and also last year (finally!) we were successful in getting 10 PCs with Sibelius in the music room. Also we've purchased quite a bit of our new PA equipment in the last two years with help from charities.
  8. £500 . . . if I'm lucky.
  9. Goodness, how do you manage on that?
    My piano tuning bill comes to much more than that a year!

  10. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

    I'm guessing: 7 pianos with 3 tunings / year?
  11. 7 uprights, 2 Grands, a spinet and a harpsichord. Yes, three times a year and the grand in the concert room is tuned (just a tweak really) before concerts too. Fortunately we get a special deal from the piano tuner else it would be much more than it is already.
  12. FGD


    We get about £850 a year. We are a Community School teaching Key Stages 3 and 4. We have one GCSE class in each year of KS4. I have ben there for three years now and have not had a piano tuned, mainly because we have a clavinova that get's transported about for concerts. We do have a very old badly kept grand piano in the hall but the school will not spend any money on it and it is in such bad condition, I would not want to either. We have an upright piano that the Peri teachers use but that is not too badly in tune and is never moved. As a pianist I know it should be tuned at least twice a year but it is never going to happen in our school.
  13. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Electric pianos - no need for piano tuners.
  14. FGD


    I know, that's why we don't really use them. As mentioned, we have an upright piano which does still need tuning.
  15. In 2009 we got £500 but they then topped that up with a £2k 'bonus', plus they bought a whole new set of keyboards for us as we only had 3 working ones for a whole class!! (very run down dept)

    In 2010 we got £1300 for 2 terms as were due to change to academy. That got delyaed so we got an extra £600. Plus got a £1k grant from a local charity that we bought a samba kit with.
    We have approx 850 pupils and teach music at KS3. I have 3 students doing BTEC music after school.
  16. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    We only get £550 per year (and we've got to order all our stationery out of this too).
    Hardly anything to do anything with.
  17. <h3>Not sure exactly what we get but think its about &pound;600 a year (but we don't pay for piano tuning from this - but we do pay for stationary with this) - but then we get an extra &pound;1500 i think for standards fund. Has been roughly this figure for last 6 years. We also top up this figure with money from our public concerts (roughly another &pound;1500).</h3>
  18. we have about 1200 in school. Teach KS 3,4 and 5

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