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Music and Maths

Discussion in 'Music' started by griffin63, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hello Kareokequeen
    I offer presentations on music/maths. Last year I spoke to maths and music teachers about this at the annual ECIS conference in Nice, France. I've placed 6 podcasts on my website on this topic. These are more suited to teachers rather than students - but I can differentiate age appropriately.
    I live in Hampshire -contact me mdgriffin63@gmail.com and I can call you to discuss.
    Michael Griffin
  2. What about links between Music and Science?
  3. Hi friends.
    Welcome to this forum site.
    Music is very valuable part of our life by which we fell some happiness.
    In the same way math is the part of education life.

    Thank you...........................................

    Struts2 JQuery
  4. Maths is the first principle of science -so yes, in physics. Biology -you could discuss how music causes emotional affect and creates biological changes such as pulse rate, body tempertaure and blood pressure. Music therapists know all about this.
    With all this though, we are conscious that the differences are more important. Maths and science is all about the physical world. It has nothing to say about our internal world of feelings, love etc

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