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Mummies with cleaners!!!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Julesk, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Hey cherub I'm an interloper from the pregnancy forum. I only have 3 weeks to go eek!
    I have a cleaner and it's beyond wonderful. She comes once a fortnight but is really flexible so if I'm having people over/ had work done in the house she can change days or come more often. She charges £7 an hour and takes 3 hours to do the house which consists of 3 bedrooms, front room, dining room, kitchen, conservatory and 2 bathrooms. She has her own key and I generally try to stay out of her way (after a tea and quick chat) as I'm sure she prefers just getting on without me under her feet. I hope we can still afford to have her come once my mat pay kicks in as it's a super luxury I really appreciate and for the price of a few bottles of wine or a take away it makes me so happy!
    I found out about her through word of mouth from friends. Hope that helps? Xxxx
  2. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    Hi Cherub! Our cleaner comes every week and it makes my life so much easier! My cleaner mops the floors, hoovers, gives the kitchen and the bathroom a thorough cleaning, sweeps and dusts my daughter's room, tidies and dusts the living room, cleans the windows and does the ironing. Depending on the amount of ironing we have to do, she does either two or three hours and charges ten pounds an hour! She has a key and comes the day before my day off! X
  3. We also pay 10 and she comes for 2 hours a week. It's lifechanging - as you say you can then spend weekend/days off doing what you want to. She has a key tbh I prefer her to be there when I am not.
  4. I would soooooo love a cleaner. My MIL looks after our son in our house two days a week and does llittle bits and pieces while he sleeps which is such a huge help (before she started this I would have been totally horrified by the idea!).
  5. My cleaner is MUCH better at cleaning than me :)
  6. MLT


    I am not picky about cleaning: I have been a slob my entire life. I did labour under the belief that I would be so much more cleaner and organised once I had a baby. Unfortunately that turned out to be one of those pregnancy myths you hear about!
    I had a cleaner then let her go just after I had my LO. Then quickly got her back a few months latter. She charges £7 and hour and wizes round my little flat, hoovering, dusting, dishes bed making, clearning toilets etc.
    Now for the sad truth - my cleaner also irons and although she comes round every other week to clearn, she irons the other week. Sorry I can not, not have ironed clothes.
    When asked by a pregnant friend what I thought should be on the getting baby list, I said dishwasher and cleaner, with no sense of irony in my voice!
  7. You are a woman after my own heart! I can't justify a cleaner as I only work part-time, but I have decided to get someone in to clean our oven as I've not cleaned it in the 5 years that we've had it. I feel ashamed.
  8. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Misstutu my oven is always revolting! There is an oven cleaning service that I'm going to use, it costs £30. Planning to do this when OH is at work and take the credit! I work 2 days but would love a cleaner one day... I never iron and just do quick cleaning when LO is asleep or stick her in the playpen for 10 mins if she lets me. I didn't realise a baby would create any extra housework but she does- washing, cleaning highchair, hoovering, dirty dishes, splats of food on the floor etc. Don't know how full-timers manage.
  9. I've just started work 3 days per week and spend the other 2 days cleaning, washing and being a general dogs-body. It usually takes me until mid-morning and then after that I spend time with LO. Unfortunately I haven't really been cleaning properly and I had to do a big clean yesterday which took me until nearly 2pm to finish (although I did swap my lounge around too). I tend to do this every few weeks.
    I was thinking about going back full time in Sept but with 2 LO's (ages 5 and 18mths) I had come to the conclusion that it wasn't doable. Having read this, I'm now reconsidering on the condition that I get a cleaner (who would probably clean better than I would anyway!!).It suddenly opens up the doors - thanks! [​IMG]
  10. I have a 21 month old and a seven week old and am on maternity leave but wondering if it'd be too awful to get myself a cleaner once in a while as I am killing myself taking the kids out every day and not leaving time for cleaming. People say don't worry about the housework but although I'm not a clean freak, it is depressing when my house isn't clean and tidy-ish!!
  11. I was like this, too. The best routine I got myself into was doing one full but very rushed hour of cleaning every day first thing in the morning. It would set me up for the day, knowing that I had got on top of everything and that all I needed to do was to keep up with washing pots and baby things throughout the day. It is very difficult to do and stick to, but it's definitely worth it if you can manage it.

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